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(School Holiday Special) Places To Take Your Kids According to Their Personality

15 Feb 2023

The school holidays are coming up! Are you still wondering where to take your kids for some fun? Don't worry, we've got you covered with plenty of places offering promotions and discounts for this break. Check out our recommendations for places to take your 👧👦kids based on their personality below.


The Hyper & Energetic

Woman and baby with happy expression sitting on a tube drifting in the waterthehappykid.blog

Are your kids always on the 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️run, and no matter no matter what you do or say, they just can’t sit still? Congratulations, your kids are born with batteries that lasts longer than 🔋Energizer! (Just kidding, we know your kids are not 🤖robots) One of the places where you should bring your kid is, without a doubt, the Sunway Lagoon. One of the best places to take them is Sunway Lagoon, which offers over 70 attractions including water slides, a wildlife park, rides, and much more. Your kids will be spoiled by all the choices!


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Man and boy sitting on the staircase at night while enjoying fire performance



This place is particularly suitable for kids with ADHD as the wide range of rides and slides can help keep their dopamine levels high. Another similar attraction located outside of KL is the Tambun Lost World. Situated in Tambun (🙄obviously), Perak, surrounded by 🌲nature, it provides a refreshing option during the hot season.


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Man and baby having fun in the pool



If you feel like Sunway's theme parks are a bit pricey, don't worry! You can always opt for more budget-friendly theme parks like Wet World Shah Alam, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, and Splash Out Langkawi. While these may offer fewer attractions compared to the more expensive options, they are still a great way to keep your kids entertained during the long school holiday.


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The Mad Scientist & Researcher

Woman holding a child in her armsitisuhairah

Muslim woman and her kids posing in front of a formula 1 car


Do you have a little 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬scientist in the making at home? Why not nurture their interest in STEM by bringing them to Petrosains? It offers an enriching environment where your child can discover the exciting world of science and technology while having fun. With workshops and activities for all ages, your child is sure to enjoy their time here. If you're worried that Petrosains might be too advanced for your child, don't be! The exhibits and attractions are catered to kids of all ages.


Woman and boy in a science exhibition



A muslim family posing in front of a dinosaur replica



Another budget-friendly option for your junior mad scientist is Pusat Sains Negara. Located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur at Bukit Damansara, this science center offers a wide range of exhibits and activities for kids of all ages. One of the main attractions at Pusat Sains Negara is the Dinosaur Encounter, featuring 18 life-size animatronic 🦖dinosaurs waiting to pounce on greet you. Visitors can also learn all about these prehistoric creatures, including the anatomy of the T-Rex, their eating habits, the reasons for their extinction, and much more.


The Little Explorer

A girl role playing a dentist checking patient's teethkidzaniakl

A girl role playing a firefighter holding a water gun



Are your kids open to new experiences and likes to try new and different things? If yes, you should consider taking them to KidZania. This scaled replica city provides over 70 role-playing activities, giving children a taste of what it's like to work in real-life occupations. KidZania features a wide range of careers for children to explore, including 👨‍🍳chef, 👨‍⚕️doctor, 👩‍🚒firefighter, 👩‍✈️pilot, and more. In addition to learning about different occupations, children also have the opportunity to earn and spend KidZania's currency. The park features various food establishments to ensure that your child stays energized all day while exploring the various simulations.


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A lady touching and smiling at a large glow in the dark mushroom replica



Glow in the dark installations

Dark Mansion - 3D Glow In The Dark Museum


If you're looking for a unique and sensory experience for your child, consider taking them to the Dark Mansion Museum in Penang. This museum features a range of colorful, glow-in-the-dark installations that will leave both you and your child in awe. With its fantasy world-like atmosphere, Dark Mansion Museum is reminiscent of teamLab Borderless in Japan and is an excellent destination for your little explorers.


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The Adventurous One



Do your kids enjoy extreme and adventurous activities? If you are nodding, then you should bring them to Langkawi Adventure & Extreme Park for a thrilling experience. This park offers activities suitable for children as young as 3 years old, while adults can also indulge in more extreme activities. Take on the ATV rides, sky bikes, go-karts, visit and feed 🐎horses, and much more. It's not just your kid who will have a great time here, but you too!


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SKYTREX Adventure Langkawi is another place to bring your adventurous kid, and it is also located in Langkawi! With 3 levels to choose from - Little Legend (beginner), Eagle Thrill (intermediate), and Island Extreme (advanced) - your kid will have the opportunity to put their courage to the test!


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The Animal Lover

Giant panda sitting on a wooden platform at zoo negara@jmin_wee & @kokhow85

If your kids love animals, we recommend taking them to these places. One of them is the Zoo Negara, and it may seem like a cliché, but who doesn't like to see the 🐼pandas? Besides these cute creatures, there are other animals like Malaysia's version of the panda, the Malayan Tapirs, 🐧penguins (or penglings according to Benedict Cumberbatch), critically endangered 🐅Malayan Tigers, and more. Additionally, there is a multi-animal show with animals like 🦜macaws and sea lions. Make sure to take your kids to watch it!


Fun-Fact: Did you know that the population of Malayan Tigers is lower than that of Giant Pandas?


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A girl kissing a guinea pig



Alternatively, you can bring your kids for a more interactive experience with animals at places such as Farm In The City and G2G Animal Garden. At Farm In The City, your kids can pet a wide variety of animals, including 🐦birds, 🦆ducks, 🐔chickens, 🐐goats, 🐑sheep, and more. Meanwhile, G2G Animal Garden offers animal feedings and even the chance to ride ponies. These make a a fun and educational day out with your kids. So book your visit today and create lasting memories with your kids!


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A girl snapping a photo of fish at Boutique Aquarium at The TOP Penang



For 🐠fish and aquatic life enthusiasts, Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur and Boutique Aquarium at The TOP Penang are must-visit destinations. These aquariums showcase a wide variety of marine life, and visitors can fully immerse themselves in an underwater world separated only by thick layers of glass. These attractions also offer a great educational opportunity for kids to discover different species of fish and aquatic lives that they have never seen before.


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The Artist



Is your kid a junior 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨Picasso? For parents of budding artists, a trip to the Illusion 3D Art Museum in Kuala Lumpur is a must-do activity. This museum features mind-bending paintings and interactive exhibits that provide a fun and unique way for children to explore their creativity. Visitors of all ages can participate in lifelike scenarios, from 🧟‍♂️zombie encounters to dangerous cliffs, and capture memorable moments on 📸camera. Don't miss out on this exciting and educational experience for the whole family!



On the other hand, If your child has a knack for arts and crafts, a visit to the Good Times DIY Pottery Studio is a great option. Here, kids can get their hands dirty and create their own masterpieces to take home. This activity is not just limited to children, as adults can also join in and spend quality time with the family while exploring their creative side. This studio also offers acrylic painting workshop, so don't forget to bring your kids here!


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The Future Olympian

Kids pulling ropes at Beast Park Indoor Adventure and Activity ParkBeastpark



For parents with active kids, Malaysia has several indoor destinations that offer the space and equipment to help your future Olympians to achieve their athletic goals. Beast Park Indoor Adventure and Activity Park, SuperPark Malaysia, and other similar indoor places provide opportunities to train and excel in various activities, such as rock climbing, skating, gymnastics, and more. Give your child the chance to become a future 🥇gold medalist with these exciting and engaging options for staying active and healthy!


A boy jumping on a trampoline at Jump Street Trampoline Park



A man jumping onto a wall at Jump Street Trampoline Park



If your kids love jumping and monkeying around, then look no further than Jump Street Trampoline Park! With expansive trampoline spaces and thrilling games like dodge ball and slam dunk, your kids are going to have the time of their life! Here, kids can jump to their heart's content on huge trampoline spaces, bouncing vertically, horizontally, and any which way they please. 


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The Little Young One

A girl surrounded by colourful balls on the ball pit at CEO Playland
Razman Zainal

Common area with chairs and tables at Starship Galactica starship_galactica

Do you have a toddler who is too young for most activities? Are you looking for activities to keep your toddler engaged and stimulated? Look no further than Ad Dari Kids Station and Kids CEO Playland! Designed specifically for young children, these destinations provide the opportunity for socialization and sensory processing development in a safe and engaging environment. With many babies born during the COVID-19 era missing out on social experiences, it's crucial to prioritize your child's development by providing opportunities for exploration and interaction. Don't let your child miss out, bring them to these fun and exciting places today!


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School Holiday is coming, so what are you waiting for? ⏰Hurry and plan a trip for your kid to make his or her holiday worthwhile! But before that, which type of these 8 personalities matches your kid the most?


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