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Incentive Trips

Celebrate achievements and motivate your team like never before with our exceptional incentive trips, designed to inspire and reward hard work. Whether it's a tropical paradise, historic city, or exotic getaway, our trips go beyond the ordinary to recognise your team's dedication. Show your team their contributions are valued and watch as their enthusiasm, loyalty, and dedication soar to new heights.

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Beyond Incentive Trips

While incentive trips are undeniably captivating, we believe that your journey should encompass more than just a single facet of adventure. Our expanded offerings includes a custom incentive trip website, attendee communications, premium concierge assistance, souvenir and gift management. Our aim is to deliver a seamless and exceptional experience from the beginning to the end of your journey.

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Tailored Incentive Trip Websites

Traworld offers custom incentive trip websites through our in-house web design services. These personalised retreat websites enable efficient management of registrations, itineraries, flight details, and FAQs.

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Attendee Communication Management

Our dedicated team will set up and manage a special inbox, serving as the central point of contact for attendees with inquiries regarding the retreat, flight adjustments, or any other issues that may require attention.

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Premium Assistance

Our premium service provides extensive support for attendees, including transportation, flight arrangements, and handling special requests. Our goal is to deliver a seamless experience from the initial stages to the very end.

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Attendee Swap & Gifting

Traworld offers comprehensive assistance in sourcing, designing and distributing unique and functional souvenirs and gifts for your retreat attendees, either prior to or during the event. From branded company merchandise to destination-themed surprises, count on us.

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Professional Video Production

Let us help you with a professional retreat or trip video, which captures the event's essence and preserves precious memories. This video can also be a valuable tool for attracting talent and showcasing your company's distinct culture.


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