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9 Reasons Why You Should Picnic at This Riverside Spot (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Putrajaya)

24 Feb 2023
9 Reasons To Picnic This Spot in Putrajaya


When we talk about picnicking at Putrajaya, everyone will automatically think of Taman Saujana Hijau or Taman Botani Putrajaya. However, those places are not the only spots where you can go for a nice picnic outing with the homies. There is another place in Putrajaya where you can try it. Here are 9 reasons why you should picnic at this riverside spot near Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in Putrajaya. 


River View

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in PutrajayaTraworld

If you pick a good spot, you can get a good view overlooking the vast river that looks like a lake. The combination of green from the grass, blue from the river and azure from the sky make a perfect background for 📸Instagram! And Oh! Imagine if it’s an evening with the sun setting, creating a rich purple and orange gradient sky which reflects on the river🌅.


Lots of Shades!

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajayapenselduabee.com

We need some shades for a picnic, especially with the hot Malaysian weather?. Here at the riverside, lush and tall full-crowned 🌳trees can be found all over the picnic area, providing some shade from the scorching sun. Together with the rustling sound of leaves, it will make the perfect surrounding for a picnic surrounded by nature.


Enjoy Hi-Tea & Traditional Malay Spa Session

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajaya: Hi-Tea & Traditional Malay Spa Sessionnaziedon

After spending an ⌚hour or more hunching during the picnic session, pretty sure your back is going to 😫hurt. This is the time when you need a good spa and 💆‍♀️massage session. Well, we have something good to recommend! You can enjoy a Hi-Tea & traditional Malay spa after your picnic session at Dorsett Hotel. The best part of all is it's only 9 mins walk away from this picnic spot! 


Free Parking Spaces

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in PutrajayaGoogle Map

Many people are worried about the 🚗parking when visiting public places in Klang Valley. Fret not! There is nothing to worry about here. That is because the free parking spaces are available within walking distance from the picnic spot! If worse comes to worst and the free parking is filled, you can still park within the Kompleks Islam Putrajaya buildings.


Flat Ground

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajayahana_miji

Unlike Taman Saujana Hijau’s hilly ground, the ground here is generally flat. A flat ground surface is sort of important if you have active and ⚡🏃‍♂️energetic kids who like to run around. Hilly ground can cause them to trip and eat dirt ?fall, and we don’t want the kids to end up 🤕injuring themselves because of that.


You Are Not Alone

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in PutrajayaTraworld

If you are worried that this riverside spot might be secluded and hidden, well, you don’t have to because it’s not! On weekdays, there will usually be 2-3 other groups picnicking. Weekends are usually more crowded because, well…it’s the weekend. So our advice here is to come during the weekdays and non-public holidays if you want to avoid the crowds.


Within Walking Distance to Anjung Floria & China-Malaysia Friendship Garden

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajayafitrienorsalim_

When your stomach is filled with all the 🥪sandwiches that you have eaten, Anjung Floria would be the best place to walk to. This way, you can digest your food faster and enjoy more time with your homies. Not only that, but Anjung Floria also provides you with more Instagram backgrounds with their beautiful 🌺🌷🥀flowers!




Next to this floral garden is a Chinese-style garden, the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, which provides another beautiful backdrop for your Instagram photos. It only takes a 10-mins walk to reach these scenic gardens!


Free-Sitting & Free Admission

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in PutrajayaTraworld

Since this area is not one of the parks under the Perbadanan Putrajaya’s recreation service, you do not have to worry about coming here only to find out that it’s closed for a private event. This area is not meant for reservation which means that anyone can just come here, pick a spot and picnic. This is unlikely at other parks in Putrajaya, such as Taman Botani, Taman Saujana Hijau, etc.


Putrajaya Monorail Bridge

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajayaamirhafiz80

If you want something more than just the lake and the plain blue sky, you can head slightly further to the left of the river. There, you'll find an uncompleted monorail bridge, which also serves as a nice background for your 📸Instagram photos! For your information, the construction of this 🚆monorail bridge was halted in 2004 due to budget constraints. It is now slated to open in 2025.


Location Co-ordinate

This is the picnic spot's coordinate 2°54'56.6"N 101°40'49.1"E. It is located near Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in presint 4 Putrajaya.


Bonus: Hassle-Free Picnic by Renting a Picnic Set-Up!

9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in PutrajayaTraworld

If you choose to picnic here, you can rent a picnic set-up, and we will set everything up for you! Yes! We will be providing you with all the picnic equipment, such as plates, trays, a rattan picnic basket, cutleries and many more. The set-up will also be accompanied by other aesthetic props (because we know you want it to be instagramable📸) such as 🎈balloons, table cloth, teepee tent, parasol, 🌼flowers and many more! The only things that we don’t provide are the 🥪🍩foods and 🧃beverages because we want you to have the freedom to choose what to eat based on your diet and preferences!


9 Reasons To Picnic at This Riverside Spot in Putrajaya



You can choose the decor that you want from our available catalogue! This package is perfect for those who are celebrating 🎂birthdays, 💑anniversaries or any other special occasions. One piece of advice, don't hijack your friend's birthday. Our packages are pretty affordable.


We have already provided you with 9 reasons why you should picnic at this riverside spot in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, so you really shouldn’t hesitate anymore! ⏰Hurry, pick a 📅date and don’t forget to apply sunscreen before coming!


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