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8 Unusual Hotels & Accomodations in Malaysia That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

20 Mar 2023
Image Credit: @tourismmalaysiaseoul, @TTS Beach Village, @crystal_hwc, @seaventuresdive.com


If you are looking for some unique & unusual hotels and accommodations, then you are at the right place! These 8 accommodations are not your ordinary accommodations. Not only do they provide you with more materials for the 📸gram, but you also get to experience quirky themes and experience altogether! Check them out now.


Time Capsule Retreat

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Time Capsule Retreat

Have you seen a hotel that uses a tube as a room? No idea? Then let us show you! From afar, they look like those concrete pipes in the playground where Nobita likes to hide inside when Giant is looking for him. Then, as you approach them, you’ll find that they are habitable rooms with beds and all. There are even curtains for privacy and to shield you from harmful UV rays. With this, you can effectively hide from Giant.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Time Capsule Retreat

Lucky you, this place does not exist in the world of Doraemon but in Malaysia. Time Capsule Retreat is a simple accommodation built in the cradle of mother nature. It merges the city's luxury and all sorts of natural elements like clouds, 🌈rainbow waterfalls, 🌳lush greenery and more.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Time Capsule Retreat

There are 3 types of rooms at Time Capsule Retreat. They are capsule, cottage room and parallel. The capsule rooms are pretty basic and can only accommodate 2 people. They only have a bed and air-conditioning. On the other hand, the container rooms are more spacious. They can accommodate up to 4 people and have more amenities, including an open deck with a jacuzzi! In addition to that, there is free WiFi and a small cooking area with a fridge and BBQ pit. The only downside is that the 🚽toilet is a little bit far away from the rooms. This makes it unsuitable for old people, kids and people with mobility issues to stay.

📍Address: Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang


Happy 8 Retreat

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Happy 8 Retreat

Happy 8 Retreat has 4 accommodations. All of them are fashioned in an artistic and rustic design. Most of the furniture and decorations are made of wood, including bathtubs in some of the hotels. Besides wood, they also use bamboo and other recycled natural materials.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Happy 8 Retreat

Each accommodation is slightly different from the other. The one in Pasir Puteh has 5 rooms with different themes, while the OldTown branch mixes modern with vintage lifestyles and has 12 themed rooms with a cafe on the ground floor. As for the Kuala Sepetang accommodation, there are 33 themed rooms in a 4 storeys stilted house. Lastly, the White House and Kampung House in Ipoh are 2 houses. One is a traditional Malay kampung house, and the other is a white bungalow with wooden furniture.

Pasir Puteh
No 8, Jalan Shah Bandar, Taman Happy, 31650 Ipoh, Perak

Old Town
No 46, Market Street, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Kuala Sepetang
No LC151A3, Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang, 34650 Kuala Sepetang, Perak

White House / Kampung House
54, Jalan Haji Mohd Noordin, Kampung Melayu, Sungai Rapat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak


Tadom Hills Resorts

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Tadom Hills Resorts

Tadom Hills Resorts is a 🎍bamboo-inspired resort with all of its accommodations built using bamboo and wood. Even the furniture inside, like the beds, chairs and vanity desks, is with bamboo! However, the bamboo craze doesn’t stop here. The restaurant and its furniture are also built using bamboo.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Tadom Hills Resorts

There are 7 types of accommodations ranging from chalet to tent styles for you to choose from. If you are familiar with the Chinese animated film Big Fish, you’ll probably want to check out the Hakka Village-inspired accommodation. It is a 2-storey dome with a hollow top. There are 12 rooms on each level, making it suitable for groups and families, and each room can stay 4 to 6 pax.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Tadom Hills Resorts

Besides the unique architecture, you can find joy in the various activities offered by Tadom Hills Resorts. There are many outdoor activities such as kayaking at the pond, ATVs, go-karts, ping pong, gigantic Jenga and many more. You can play till you drop from 9am until 6pm. Surau is also available for 🕌Muslims to perform their prayers.

📍Address: Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang


Hotel Impi Yan

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Hotel Impi Yan

Hotel Impi Yan not only plays on its name as a pun for impian (dream in Malay) but also on a controversial theme, jail. Now you might think that this is a kinky hotel, but nope, it’s not! This prison theme room is ironically as innocent as it can be, with jail bars which can be slid, barbed wires, bunk beds and the iconic orange prison suit. It also went viral on TikTok over the last months.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Hotel Impi Yan

If you are not guilty of finding pleasure in the prison theme room, then no worries. There are other rooms with themes that might suit your kink preference, such as Japan theme, ghost theme, luxury theme and many more. This hotel just opened its door in the middle of the year, so it needs lots of support from you guys.

📍Address: 25, Jalan Kempas 1, Taman Desaru Utama, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor


Permai Rainforest Resort

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Permai Rainforest Resort

This accommodation has raised the unwelcome question “You Sarawak people stay on trees right?” to another level by actually building houses on the 🌳tree! You can experience how it feels like staying on the tree with the treehouses. On the other hand, if you are afraid of heights and ⚡thunder, you might want to avoid the treehouses. Yes, the thunder can be felt through the vibration which courses through the treehouse. So instead, you can stay in the landed villas. Besides that, there is also a campsite with a toilet and shower which can accommodate up to 80 people.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Permai Rainforest Resort

Each accommodation is a standalone unit where guests can experience utmost privacy and tranquillity while surrounded by the dense 🌳rainforest. All units are cosy and come with aircon, but we doubt you’ll have the need to turn it on, especially during the 🌛night. As for the bathroom, only some are equipped with water heaters, so you might want to double-check before booking. There is also free 📶WiFi coverage but only in certain areas.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Permai Rainforest Resort

Guests can hike the 🌳rainforest, and you can ask the staff for the map/route to the hiking trail. If you want to enjoy something more relaxing in nature, why not dip in the Blue Pool? It is a waterfall area with blue water. On the other hand, the beach would be a good choice if you prefer somewhere warmer. Not far from Permai Rainforest Resort is a beach where you can enjoy activities like Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP), 🛶kayaking, 🏐beach volleyball and many more. 

📍Address: Teluk Penyuk, Jalan Sultan Tengah, Santubong, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak


Seaventures Dive Resort

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Seaventures Dive Resort

You don’t have to get an offshore job to stay in the middle of the sea! At Seaventures Dive Resort, you’ll be staying in an oil rig! This unusual accommodation is an abandoned oil rig converted into an accommodation with underwater experiences. So you won’t be seeing actual oil rigging activities being carried out.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Seaventures Dive Resort

Even though this accommodation is located in the middle of the sea and away from the mainland, you can still get clean drinking water. Plus, the food is plentiful too. There is always rice, soup, salad, fruit, cooked vegetables and seafood! On top of that, there is a camera room filled with remarkable photographs of underwater creatures. Also in the room is a countertop with plugs where you can work on the 📸photos you've captured underwater.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Seaventures Dive Resort

The rooms are pretty basic, nothing special. Nonetheless, they are clean and have amenities like aircon, beds and towels. Guests mostly come over to dive and stay the night in the oil rig. The divemasters/guides are very knowledgeable. They know the best spots to look for macro life and pelagic fishes. You must give Seaventures Dive Resort a try!

📍Address: Suite 305, 3rd Floor, Wisma Sabah, Jalan Tun Razak, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge

You don’t have to travel all the way to Mongolia to stay in a yurt. At Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge, you can enjoy a staycation close to nature in a cooling environment with refreshing air surrounded by plain green grass, just like in Mongolia! Set on a higher elevation, you get to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Kundasang area and wake up to an exceptional 🌄sunrise view in the morning.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise Lodge

Even though the surrounding is chilly, the rooms are clean and warm with comfortable beds. At night, you can enjoy a BBQ and steamboat party with all the tools provided. There is also a fridge to store your food, so you can bring whatever food and ingredients you want for the BBQ and steamboat. Then you can enjoy ⭐stargazing on the stargazing platform.

📍Address: KM3.8 Kampung Cinta Mata, 89308 Kundasang, Sabah


TTS Beach Village

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: TTS Beach Village

Have you stayed in a homestay with a man-made beach in the yard? At TTS Beach Village, the beach definitely brings all the 👱‍♂️boys (and 👩girls) to the yard! This rare find is a single-unit villa featuring a mini beach that measures about 1200 sq ft. The pool is about 0.9m, so small kids are advised to swim under an adult’s supervision with floats. There is also a slide for kids, some small fountains and a jacuzzi.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: TTS Beach Village

This unusual accommodation has 5 air-conditioned bedrooms and can fit up to 26 pax. Each is decorated similarly, with wooden furniture and walls. The beds available are low beds and bunk beds. The only downside is there is 🚫📶no WiFi.

8 Unique Accommodations in Malaysia: TTS Beach Village

If you want to 🍳cook, there is a kitchen where you can display your 👩‍🍳MasterChef skills. In the kitchen area, there is a fire pit which resembles a 🔥campfire where you can BBQ. There are wooden stools and sit around it where you can sit and grill marshmallows while chatting happily.

📍Address: Broga, Semenyih, Selangor



If you are bored with all the same comfy hotels and accommodations, it’s time to try out these 8 unusual hotels & accommodations in Malaysia. Oh, they are 📸Instagramable too! *wink* *wink*😉.


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