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(3D2N) 3 Days 2 Nights Pangkor Itinerary for an Affordable & Romantic Honeymoon

19 Jan 2023

Looking for a budget-friendly, ?romantic getaway? Look no further than Pangkor Island! Just a 3-hour drive from KL, this lush island paradise is perfect for a mini-vacation or a full-blown honeymoon! Check out this 3 Days 2 Nights Pangkor itinerary to find out why.


Day 1

Budget Kampung Style Lunch

Hasnah cornerpangkorislandtourism.com

You guys will surely be hungry upon arriving on Pangkor Island, especially if you travelled from far. We recommend having your lunch at Hasnah Corner. This is where you can get 30-40 kampung-style dishes at pretty cheap prices! To top that, the food here is also delicious, and you can enjoy ?fresh seafood. The drinks here are also not too sweet (kurang manis done right). People of all races commended their tasty Malay home-cooked dishes, and this can only mean one thing; their dishes suit the palates of Keluarga Malaysia!


Check-In a Sandy Beach Resort

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resortpangkorsandybeach

You can stay in many accommodations on Pangkor Island, but we highly recommend Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort. That is because it is affordable and comes as a pleasant surprise, as it has one of the best beaches and ?sunset views.


Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort



The blue round blue pools are also very enticing. Despite being a 3-star resort, their rooms are clean and their swimming pools are well-maintained, making it a value buy! Moreover, your won't feel bored staying in this resort as there are tons of activities waiting for you, such as beach ?volleyball, jungle trekking, island hopping, ?snorkelling and many more.


⏰Hours: 11am - 4pm

📞Phone: 012-253 0492

📍Address: No 1 Selera, Jalan Pantai Bogak, 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak


The Past of Pangkor Island

Panorama Pangkorsayacikguzahidi.blogspot.com

Grow some fondness for Pangkor Island by visiting the Panorama Pangkor. It is a small gallery with information about the history of Pangkor Island and some archaeological finds. Here, you get to know about the past of this beautiful island. Visitors can enter this place for free, and you can expect to spend around 30 mins here.


⏰Hours: 8am - 5pm (Wed - Thurs Closed)

📞Phone: 011-2770 3304

📍Address: 178, Jalan Besar, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak


Visit the Mini Great Wall Of China

Fu Lin Kong Temple 福臨宫yb_kl_270804

For your first evening on Pangkor Island, why not visit the Mini Great Wall Of China? Because firstly, you don’t have to purposely purchase a flight to China. Secondly, you only have to use a tiny fraction of the energy that you’ll otherwise spend on the real deal. Nevertheless, you’ll still need some stamina to climb the stairs.


Fu Lin Kong Temple 福臨宫katbosner


This peculiar attraction is located within the Fu Lin Kong Temple 福臨宫, a Chinese Taoist temple. It is one of the most popular tourist spots and a must-see for anyone going to Pangkor Island. Within this scenic temple ground, there are lots of ?Instagram-worthy spots, such as the intricate arch at the entrance, a giant stone arch, a majestic temple building and more. If you post a photo of ?yourself and your spouse without any caption on Instagram, people might think that you guys are enjoying your honeymoon in China! 


⏰Hours: 6:30am - 10pm

📞Address: 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak


Evening Stroll with Pangkor’s Special Lempeng

Lempeng Pisang Warisan Pangkorndztlxyz_

Don’t forget to drop by Lempeng Pisang Warisan Pangkor for some piping hot lempeng. Their stall only operates from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, and sometimes, they might close early if all lempeng is sold out.


Lempeng Pisang Warisan Pangkor



Now, some of you might ask what is lempeng and what is so special about their lempeng. For those who don’t know, lempeng is a kind of pancake. At Lempeng Pisang Warisan Pangkor, they are made with flour, ?banana and coconut flakes and then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on a pan. It is very famous in Pangkor and is a must-try for all visitors.


Teluk Nipah Beach



Then, you can stroll ?hand in hand with the lempeng on other hand along Teluk Nipah Beach. The beach is clean and sandy, making it an enjoyable and relaxing evening walk with your husband or wife.


P.s: The line can get pretty long, so you need patience or come earlier.


⏰Hours: 5pm to 7pm
📞Phone: 011-2770 3304
📍Address: Unnamed Road, Teluk Nipah, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak (In Front of Masjid Teluk Raja Bayang Pekan Pangkor.)


Romantic Dinner by The Beach

Daddy’s Cafesharowlisis

A ?romantic dinner by the beach is a must if you visit an island for a honeymoon trip! For that, we recommend Daddy’s Cafe (oh? men, does this foreshadow your fate in months to come…). You can enjoy a candlelight dinner with your spouse accompanied by the beautiful ?sunset view.


Daddy’s Cafe



To make it even more exciting, you can request a special table arrangement & decoration. Just tell them that you are here for a ?honeymoon, and they’ll know what to do! To sum it all up, this is a great place with great food at an affordable price, such a steal! 


⏰Hours: 11am - 11pm

📞Phone: 05-685 1744

📍Address: 27, Teluk Nipah, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak


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Day 2

Breakfast Along the Way

Jalan Pasir Bogaknicelocal.my

Start Day 2 with a great breakfast because you’re going to need energy to enjoy Day 2 to the fullest! There are many halal and non-halal restaurants & stalls around Jalan Pasir Bogak. From Malay warung to Chinese Kopitiam to Indian food, all you have to do is choose. Sounds like an easy but difficult task at the same time!


Snorkelling Fun

pangkor snorkelingRavindran John Smith

What makes Pangkor a wonderful place for ?snorkelling? The answer would be none other than its calm and clear water. There are also lots of shallow spots near the shore, making it suitable for beginners or individuals who don’t know how to swim. The gentle currents also allow lots of ?lcorals to flourish such as sea fans, feather stars, boulder coral, brain coral, and staghorn coral. Many hotels offer snorkelling arrangements, so you can book a snorkelling trip with your hotel whenever you feel like disturbing visiting the ???fish.


Muslim-Friendly Chinese Style Lunch

Nipah Deliajimashaary

Fancy some Muslim-friendly Chinese-style lunch that is prepared by a Malay Muslim cook? Then Nipah Deli is calling out to you. Located next to Daddy’s Cafe, this beachfront restaurant serves rice sets with dishes in huge portions. Some of the Chinese dishes that you can find here include Kam Heong prawn, kung pao fish, sweet and sour fish and many more. On top of that, they also have vegetarian dishes! Besides Chinese dishes, there are also Thai and Nyonya dishes.


Nipah Deli



If you are lucky, you’ll be able to see hornbills watching you eat. Steamboat is also served here, but you’ll probably be too tired to cook your meal after all the kayaking. Plus, having a steamboat on a hot afternoon is like throwing yourself into the ?furnace (unless you fancy a sauna session over a Tom Yam steamboat). Nipah Deli is a must-visit when you are in Pangkor as it has good food, amazing beach view and tip-top service.


⏰Hours: 11am to 9pm
📞Phone: 05-685 1416
📍Address: No.13,14,15 &16, Gerai Penjaja, Teluk Nipah, 32300 Lumut, Perak


Courting on a Kayak

Frenzy Water Parkmarinaisland.com

Hop on a ?kayak where there will only be the 2 of you sharing the same kayak! To do this, you’ll have to board the ferry for 10 mins to Marina Island (it’s Marina Island ok! Not Marina Bay!). The kayaking activity can be found at Frenzy Water Park. Interestingly, you can kayak in the water that has a beach view. Not sure if it’s man-made or natural, but from the aerial view on Google Maps, you can see the water area resembles a lagoon.


Frenzy Water Park



If you feel like kayaking is a bit too challenging for your introverted arms, you can choose to try out the paddle boat. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience some challenging activities here at Frenzy Water Park.


⏰Hours: 4:30pm - 7:50pm (Mon - Fri) | 8:30am - 12:30pm, 4:30pm - 7:50pm (Sat & Sun) | Tues Closed
📞Phone: 010-546 8611
📍Address: KM 1, Teluk Muroh, 32200 Lumut, Perak


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I Love You to the Sea and Moon

Sea Moon Cafeshuhuifoodie

Make your honeymoon in Pangkor extra sweet by having your dinner at Sea Moon Cafe. Their menu has enough varieties of food to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. All you have to do is fill in the order form and hand it to their waiter, and your food will be made right away. They have both savoury warm meals and desserts. You can order food like Nasi Lemak, chicken chop and ?sandwiches. Then, end it with desserts like ?waffles, ?cakes, or tarts.


⏰Hours: 1pm to 11pm
📞Phone: 018-669 4990
📍Address: No 6 Tingkat 1, Jalan Pangkor, Taman mutiara 1 Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak




Day 3

Break the Day with Some Local Breakfasts

Kedai Kopi Lee Meng Yong 李明榮茶室annicelyn

Wake up early in the morning and have some local breakfast before heading to your next and final destination for your honeymoon trip! Head to Pekan Pangkor where you can find kopitiams like Kedai Kopi Lee Meng Yong 李明榮茶室, or Restoran Chiang Sheng. Meanwhile, halal options include Restoran Mamak Pangkor and Kedai Makan Faridah.


Look at the Mysterious Rock!

Batu Bersurat Pulau Pangkornadiaayu.hassan

Everyone who comes to Pangkor has to visit the Batu Bersurat of Pulau Pangkor. The Batu Bersurat is a huge rock inscribed with mysterious graffiti dating back to the 1700s. On the rock is the etching of a ?tiger with a child in its mouth but no one knows who the artist was. Along with the etching of the tiger (which this writer thinks looks very cute) are what are believed to be Dutch alphabets.


Batu Bersurat Pulau Pangkor



There isn’t any explanation provided for the significance of this rock. However, there are a few versions of stories on this and all of them revolve around the story of the son of a Dutch official who was devoured by a tiger. On the other hand, according to Malaysia Traveller, the etching is most likely the Dutch coat-of-arms which portrays a lion on 2 hind legs with 1 arm holding a ?sword and another holding arrows (this writer believes this is more likely it).


Batu Bersurat Pulau Pangkor



Besides that, according to the locals, Batu Bersurat of Pulau Pangkor has a mystical belief that this rock used to be smaller than it is now. They believe that it is alive and can grow over the years. Do you believe it?


📍Address: 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak


An Instagram-Worthy Fort

Dutch fortdilla_jalil

Within a 3-min walk from the Batu Bersurat of Pulau Pangkor is what used to be a Dutch fort. Also known as Fort Dindingh by the Dutch, it was built in 1670 to store tin supplies and to protect it from the Sultanate of Perak. 


Dutch fort



In 1973, it was reconstructed by Malaysia's museum department and gazetted as an ancient monument and historical site under the Antiquities Act 1976 No. 242 Perak Gazette. There is also a beautiful garden which is a perfect photo spot to commemorate your honeymoon, and it’s ?Instagram-worthy too! Hotel check-out is typically at 12pm, and you can depart Pangkor for the Lumut jetty. So after your morning fun, you can go home!


⏰Hours: 8am to 6pm
📍Address: 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak


Why Book With Us?

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If you are looking for an affordable and romantic honeymoon, we have the perfect packages for you! Traworld offers you a 3D2N Pangkor Sandy Beach Honeymoon Package with irresistible prices that you can use with the itinerary above. Our packages come with 2 choices of rooms which are Chalet and Superior Room. Both packages include accommodation at ?Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort, ??daily set/buffet breakfast, 1 private set local lunch, 1 private western dinner, 1 ?romantic candlelight dinner by the beach, special gift of packed local dried sea product, ?welcome drink, fruit basket and ?flower decoration in the room.




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