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13 Hidden Gems in Langkawi (2021): Things to Do, Eat and See

28 Sep 2022
13 Hidden Gems in Langkawi (2021): Things to Do, Eat and See
Bored of all the same recommendations on what to do in Langkawi? Why not have a look at this extensive list that we have painstakingly prepared for you! (faster thank us!😌)This is also a great time to support the local tourism industry, don’t you think? So come take a look at the 13 hidden gems that we have unhidden (for you) here in Langkawi!

Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing

Image Credit: Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing

A must-visit for beautiful glass designs shaped to look like🦅eagles, 🐤birds, 🌼flowers and many more! Not only that, but you also get to see some very informative demonstrations of glass blowing techniques! According to google reviews, the artists are friendly and welcoming, and you won’t feel pressured to buy anything from them. (this kinda feeling...you know, I know). The best part is...the **entrance is free!**🤪


Salt Cave

Image Credit: Salt Cave

Yes! Can you believe it! We have a salt cave here in Langkawi (actually more of a room_-lah_). This salt cave is Malaysia’s first salt therapy in a man-made space, filled with fine Himalayan and Turkish salts. Some of the benefits you can gain from this include improved respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification and many more.


German Food Corner

Image Credit: German Food Corner

After walk walk must be hungry right...here is a restaurant that serves German and other western food. The best thing about this place is that not only it’s halal, the food portions are also pretty large and come at a reasonable price too! This hidden gem is a must visit when you are at the Oriental Village.


Wat Tham Kisap

Image Credit: Wat Tham Kisap

If you like to take photos with statues then come come, there are lots of them here. Since Langkawi is close to Thailand, it is not strange to see a couple of Thai Buddhist wats here. One of the best attractions at Wat Tham Kisap (other than the infinity amount of statues) is the giant gold Buddha backed by natural limestone. Make sure to bring your parents here too, pretty sure they'll love it!


Ayer Hangat Village

Image Credit: Ayer Hangat Village

Can’t go to Japan? No problem, immerse yourself in Malaysia's very own onsen bath here in Langkawi! This is also the only saltwater hot spring in Malaysia! Besides the hot spring, you also get to enjoy the Malay spa and also learn about Malay arts and cultures. Overall it's a nice place to relax and keep yourself busy with tons of activities all at the same time!


Authentic Korean Restaurant (Haroo Haroo Korean Restaurant)

Image Credit: Authentic Korean Restaurant (Haroo Haroo Korean Restaurant)

Haroo Haroo Korean Restaurant is owned by a Korean family, and you can expect that they serve...yes! Authentic Korean food. The food portions here are generous, and the staff is attentive to your needs and requests. They also serve complimentary 🍨ice cream when you have your meal here! (the owner knows what they are doing😏, it’s always the free ice-cream that wins our 💗hearts)


Black sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

Image Credit: Black sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

Pantai Pasir Hitam is a mysterious phenomenon in Langkawi where the sands are black. While it is not entirely black, (no, it’s definitely not the job of ⚫Vantablack), this place is nonetheless unique, as Pantai Pasir Hitam is the only beach with black sand in the Malaysia!


Animal Shelter (WoofLangkawi)

Image Credit: Animal Shelter (Wooff Langkawi)

From the name you know inside got what-loh...the furry friends that bark 🐕 (and also cats🐈). This is a non-profit organisation where people can come over to adopt, donate and volunteer! All the dogs and cats here are rescued off the streets following severe injuries or traumas. WoofLangkawi is a must-visit for animal lovers.


French Cafe (Breizh Up)

Image Credit: French Cafe (Breizh Up)

If you want to take a break from local flavours, Breizh Up is the place to go for! It is a decent place to hang out and savour your taste buds with French Galettes and Crepes 😋. If you are looking for something sweet and maybe a little bit different from what you have always tasted, this is place definitely a must-visit.


Parasailing in Paradise101, Langkawi

Image Credit: Parasailing in Paradise101, Langkawi

Do we have 🪂parasailing in Malaysia? Yes, we do! At Paradise 101, you can carry out the activity, be it alone, with your other half or with family and friends! Any child of 8 years & above can also participate in parasailing but must be accompanied by an adult-lah.

service image
Langkawi, Malaysia
From RM 293.00

Bird Watching (Darulaman Sanctuary)

Image Credit: Bird Watching (Darulaman Sanctuary)

Come watch some 🐦birds at the foot of Langkawi's highest point, Gunung Raya. Monkeys, hornbills and insects will also be here watching the guides telling you stories about them! Taking a break from the busy city life and surrounding yourself with nature once in a while might be a good thing to do, don’t you think?


Gua Maha

Image Credit: Gua Maha

Not a natural cave..this place is a bit strange as it comes in the form of a gigantic pink snail, and you enter through its neck😲. As bizarre as it might look, you will see a man-made cave after entering it. Then, as you go further, you can see for yourself how bird nests are processed. They also sell bird nest products, so you might want to check them out.


Tandem Skydive Langkawi

Image Credit: Tandem Skydive Langkawi

Yes! Skydving is available here in Langkawi. (If you want to punish someone, don’t tell them, just drag them here and then make them do it). The minimum age requirement for this exciting activity is 12 years old, while the maximum is none! They even had a 90-year-old who participated in tandem skydiving!

Trivia: Skydive Langkawi's parent company is Coastal Skydive, Adelaide's reputable skydiving company that has been around for almost 20 years!

So, there you go..all the hidden gems that we have unmined for you. If you like what we have prepared for you, follow our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn as we bring in more unknown hidden gems from other places to you!

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