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Traworld Rewards

  • What are Traworld Rewards?
    Traworld Rewards aims to engage and build a relationship with our customers that extends beyond the moment of purchase. We want to add value to the experience of our loyal customers by rewarding them with our reward points for their continuous support as we continue to invest in their lifestyle.
  • How do I become a member of the programme?
    You will automatically be enrolled in our rewards programme upon successful registration for a user account on our website or mobile application where you can begin earning reward points.
  • How do I earn reward points?
    There are three ways you can earn rewards points:
    • By making a reservation, rental and/or booking for any intended service via our website or mobile application
      Upon your first successful transaction, we will instantly reward you with 10 reward points as our way of welcoming you aboard! These points will be parked under “First Purchase Rewards” on your reward points tab.
      For every subsequent successful transaction, you will receive reward points worth 5-10% of the payable amount.
    • By leaving us a review
      We encourage you to share your experience and satisfaction with our service(s) and/or merchant(s) after your trip. This will help us better understand your needs as well as to better serve you and our future customers.
      With every successful review of the product/service/merchant, you will earn 10 reward points which will automatically be credited to your user account.
      However, you will need to submit your review within 12 months from the end date of your trip to be entitled to these points. Once the date has lapsed, you will not receive points for the submitted review.
    • By simply celebrating your birthday
      For your birthday, you are entitled to 10 reward points! Simply redeem your points when you visit our website or mobile application on your birth month.
  • How are the reward points calculated?
    For every successful transaction, you will receive reward points worth 5-10% of the payable amount.
    Andy, a customer, purchased a tour package worth RM242 using a RM10 cash voucher. This brings his payable amount to RM232. Upon successful payment transaction, Andy received 23 reward points on his user account.
    RM232 x 10% points = 23.2 points.
    After rounding to the nearest whole number, it gives us 23 points.
  • Will I lose my reward points If I remove my review(s)?
    Unfortunately, yes.
    Just like how the points will automatically be credited into your user account upon successful submission of your review, they will also be withdrawn in an instant upon your removal of the post. You may attempt to resubmit your review; however, you will not receive the 10 reward points for this post again.
    If you do not have sufficient reward points for the deduction, our system will create a negative value of the said points on your user account.
  • I am a new user. Will I be able to claim my Birthday Reward for the year?
    Yes! You are entitled to your Birthday Reward as long as you register for a user account in or before your birth month in the calendar year.
    Please note that if you make amendments to your birthday after the initial set up or register for a user account after your birth month, you will only be able to claim the Birthday Reward in the following calendar year.
  • How long will my reward points be valid for?
    Your reward points will be valid for 12 months from the end date of each trip.
  • How can I use/redeem my reward points?
    For every reward point you have, it holds a value of RM0.10. You may use your points to redeem cash voucher(s) or to offset the payable amount in your next transaction.
    Andy has collected 23 reward points from his previous purchase. He would like to purchase another tour package worth RM500. He chooses to offset RM2.30 of the payable amount with his collected points. As a result, he is only required to pay RM497.70 for the selected tour package.
    1 reward point = RM0.10
    23 reward points = RM2.30
    RM500 (tour package) - RM2.30 = RM497.70
  • I have more than one Traworld account. Can I merge my reward points into one main account?
    The reward points are strictly non-transferable nor are they exchangeable for its value in cash.