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(Under RM1000!) 3D2N Itinerary for a Budget Romantic Getaway on Tioman Island

19 May 2023
Image Credit: @payabeach.com, @payabeachresort, @TheRaidOcean

Be it a honeymoon for newlyweds, a 💏romantic getaway for dating couples or quality time for 👰🤵married couples who want to get away from their kids temporarily (Temporarily ya! Don’t commit child abandonment ok!), this itinerary is for you! Follow this 3 days 2 nights itinerary for a budget 💖romantic getaway on Tioman Island.


Day 1


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resortayunibaker

Upon arriving at the hotel from Tanjong Gemuk Jetty / Mersing Jetty, check in to a hotel of your choice. We recommend Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort. It is a 4-Star beach-facing resort located on the central western shore of Tioman Island and sandwiched between 🌳dense greenery and a white sandy beach.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort



Depending on which room your book, you can get a lake-facing room, pool-facing room or even a room literally a step away from the beach!


Grooving to the Sound of Mangrove Swamp

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Mangrove Swamppanoramic.jason.photography

After freshening yourselves at the hotel, you should start exploring the lush rainforest and mangrove swamp around Tioman. Some of the forests that you should track include those on Mukut Island and Tulai Island. Mangrove swamps can also be found at Kampung Juara, Kampung Genting, Kampung Paya and Kampung Nipah. There are up to 23 mangrove species and other faunas on Tioman Island and its sister island, Pulai Island. Embark on a journey to explore nature, just the two of you! (Cue the 🎵song "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr.)


Candlelight Beach Dinner

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Candlelight Beach Dinnerpayabeachresort

If you stay at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, you can enjoy a candlelight beach dinner. Yes! With a 🌄🌅beautiful sunset view and a romantic table set-up and decoration too! So that you can have some of the most 💑romantic moments in your life where there are just the 2 of you and nature (if you don’t include the waiter, of course).


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Candlelight Beach Dinner



While looking at your other half sheepishly, indulge in a 💘romantic menu prepared by their Executive Chef in the specially prepared gazebo.


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Day 2

Yoga by The Sea

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Yoga by The Seapayabeachresort

Tioman Island has some of the most heavenly beaches in Malaysia. It would be a waste not to spend time on the white sandy beaches, but what else can you do other than stroll the beach or have a picnic? Well, let this writer enlighten you! You can try waking up early and practising some 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️Yoga by the beach. Bathe in loads of vitamin D provided by the 🌞sun, and breathe in fresh morning air while doing Yoga with your partner. It’s going to be an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience for both of you.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Paya Beach Resort Tioman Buffet

Giselle Yeong


After the Yoga session, go and grab yourselves some breakfasts. If you are staying in Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, there will be a buffet spread and an open concept kitchen where you can fill your 😋tummies.


Snorkelling is a Must!

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - SnorkellingPakej Percutian Pulau Tioman Salang

Everyone who comes to Tioman Island must at least 🤿snorkel or dive because if not, what’s the point of coming? The best time to go to Tioman Island is around April to August when the water is warmer with clearer visibility.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Snorkelling



There are several 🤿snorkelling spots that you can go to, but one should not miss Renggis Island. It is known as the best snorkelling spot on Tioman Island! It has shallow water with an abundance of 🐠🐟fish and corals. 4. You and your partner can expect to see marine life such as 🐡puffer fish, scorpion fish, blue-spotted stingray, yellowtail fusiliers, lionfish, and turtles.


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Seafood Feast

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Seafoodbkeq

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Seafood



After a tiring morning 🤿snorkelling around, why not go and enjoy a seafood feast? There are several seafood restaurants nearby the Berjaya Tioman Jetty, such as Citra Anugerah Wah Leng, Seafood Chinese Restaurant and Delima Tomyam & Seafood. You can enjoy fresh seafood cooked in local flavours, yum.


Explore Some Hidden Gems

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Mother Willow Treeshaznishazwani

Do you like 💎hidden gems? Well, who doesn’t right? Besides the white sandy beach, shallow water with colourful fishes & corals and mangrove swamps; Tioman Island also has some hidden gems that not many people talk about. One of them is the Mother Willow Tree. It is a huge 300 years old Ficus Benjamin tree with a beautiful root wall located at Kampung Paya.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Mother Willow Tree

MY Back to Nature


To reach the tree, you’ll have to take a 45 mins - 1-hour hike through the mangrove by the beach. When in the woods, follow the "Rock falls" signs into the Wood, and you’ll find a yellow marked way, which is about 30 mins to the tree. If you are still not sure about the route, it is best to ask the locals or hotel staff.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Gua Gelamin



There is another 💎hidden gem located near the Melina Beach Resort. It is the Gua Gelamin, a peculiar cave by the beach. With the black rocks spread around the khaki brown beach, it serves as a perfect spot for photos. It is about a 30 mins walk from Jetty Point. Plus, there are some hammocks on which you can relax.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Gua Gelamin



It is also a good place to picnic with your partner but make sure not to stay too late, or you’ll miss your transport back to the hotel (if you stay far from Gua Gelamin) as 🚖e-hailing can be pretty hard to get here on Tioman Island.


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Beach Bar Grill



Because it is inconvenient to travel around the island, it would be best to have your dinner at the hotel. If you choose to stay in Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, there is the Beach Bar Grill. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the 🌞sun setting on the horizon or the sight of your beloved gnawing on delicious BBQ meat. The Beach Bar Grill opens until 1 am, so you guys can gnaw on the BBQ meats as much as you want!


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Day 3

A Hearty Brunch With Beach View

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro.ayie.fikhri

Check out of your hotel early and head to the Tekek Jetty. It is one of the most lively places on Tioman Island as the jetty and airport are right here. Check out the Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro. It is a restaurant with a beautiful beach view and serves both local and western cuisines. The place is pretty calm and quiet, and you can enjoy your brunch in tranquillity while soaking in the beauty of Tioman Island on your last day here.


⏰Hours: 9am- 10pm

📞Phone: 013-717 6677

📍Address: Kampung Tekek, 86807, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia, 86807 Tioman Island


3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - Duty Free Shop



There are also lots of gift shops and duty-free shops here. So don’t forget to buy some souvenirs, as there are people back home who are eagerly waiting for your souvenir from Tioman Island!


Why Book With Us?

3D2N Tioman Island Itinerary - 3 Days 2 Nights Paya Beach Romantic Getaway




Traworld offers a 3 Days 2 Nights Paya Beach Romantic Getaway starting from RM1000 only!! Not only that, but the price is for 💑2 pax! This means that with only RM500 per person, you can enjoy a 3 Days 2 nights romantic getaway with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband while staying at a 4-⭐star hotel! There are 4 types of rooms for you to choose from. This package includes a 2 nights accommodation at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, 🍹arrival drink, romantic flower decoration on the day you arrive, 🥞daily set/buffet breakfast, and 1 💘romantic candlelight dinner. This is definitely the best romantic getaway deal of the century!




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