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Top 7 Places To Take Your Father to a Weekend Trip

09 Jun 2023
Image Credit: chlo3hr, natrah_hazim, goh.y.tee


Father’s Day is coming, so take him to one of these top 7 places from a trip. Whether it's fun & exciting adventures or relaxing staycations with exciting discounts and packages, all of them are waiting for you! (and your 👨👴father) here on Traworld.


Canopy Villa Glamping Park @ Janda Baik 

A family sitting in front of a tent at Canopy Villa Glamping Park @ Janda Baikchlo3hr

Located in Kampung Sum Sum, Janda Baik, Canopy Villa Glamping Park is just 40 minutes from KL and 30 minutes from Genting Highlands. This glamping park is a retreat surrounded by nothing but a lush 🌳rainforest. For those who don’t know, the term glamping comes from the words combination of glamour and camping. It is a luxurious camping concept where you can camp while still having the comfort of beds, a table and chairs and even air conditioning. Take your 👨father here to enjoy the fresh and cool air of nature, away from the city buzz.


A man holding a fish he caught at Canopy Villa Glamping Park @ Janda Baik



This place is well known for its friendly & helpful staff, so you and your dad won’t feel like a fish out of water throughout your stay here. The surroundings are so beautiful that your 📱phone memory will be K.O within a few minutes. Besides that, there are lots of activities to keep you and your father entertained while staying there. You can 🎣catch some fish and then barbecue them, ride on ATVs, try 🏹archery and more.


A man and his son sitting at the Canopy Villa Glamping Park @ Janda Baik



There are several types of tents that you can choose from, such as; bell tents, safari tents and emperor tents. Each of these tents is equipped with comfy 🛌beds, pillows, blankets and air conditioning. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway with your parent where you get to relax in nature or even make friends with fellow campers.



3D2N at Langkawi 

A family standing on SkyBridge Langkawimalaysian360

What’s a better way to show your 💖love for your 👨father than to surprise him with a trip to Langkawi! Make it trouble-free by grabbing the 3 Days 2 Nights Langkawi Package from us, Traworld! This package is not available anywhere else and only on Traworld. Yes, we are promoting our own package, and unlike some other blogs, we don’t hide our ads at the end of the blog only for you to feel tricked into clickbait🙄. (So, kasi support-lah😏) We have up to 3 packages for you to choose from. They are the Easy Breezy Package, Action & Adventure Package and Chill Out Package. You just have to pick one that suits your 👴dad.


A family on a cruise in Langkawi



All 3 of our packages include 2 nights of accommodation at Bayview Hotel Langkawi, daily breakfasts, the king of road a Perodua Myvi for you to drive (pick up from the airport) and a 🏨hotel to ✈️airport transfer with Nissan Almera!


 A man riding sky bike at Langkawi Adventure & Xtreme Park



Our Easy Breezy Package is catered for people who would like to have a 😊relaxing holiday while enjoying the beauty of Langkawi Island. This package includes a 🌅sharing sunset cruise with dinner and access to Langkawi SkyRex, SkyDome, SkyBridge, SkyGlide, Skycab and 3D Art Langkawi. The Chill Out Package is similar to the Easy Breezy Package but budget-friendly and gives you more freedom to explore Langkawi on your own. It excludes access to some of the attractions in The Chill Out Package. You can check out our website for more details. As for the Action & Adventure Package, you will get a 6-in-1 ticket to Langkawi Adventure & Xtreme Park which includes activities such as ATV riding, Go Karting, Sky Bike, and visiting 3D Art Museum & Upside Down Museum and horse feeding. The sharing sunset cruise is also available in the package.



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The Habitat Penang Hill 

A small family at The Habitat Penang Hillnatrah_hazim

If your 👨father is a nature and plant lover, you must bring him to The Habitat Penang Hill. Penang Hill is a virgin jungle reserve that is about 130-million years old! The highlight of this place is the Langur Way Canopy Walk which spans 230m in length and 40m above the forest floor. It provides a spectacular platform for you to view the forest valleys, all the way to the sea. It is also engineered to be ‘tree friendly’, which means that no 🌳trees are rigged with steel cables for the bridge to be built.


A man enjoying coffee at The Habitat Penang Hill



Other attractions here include the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk, trails & gardens, The Flight of Golugo and sunset walk. On every 2nd weekend of the month, there will be the ⭐⛺Starlight Camping. When you are tired from exploring the pristine rainforest, you can head to the cafe. Their cafe serves delicious meals andcoffees with an amazing outdoor view. There is also a souvenir shop selling sustainable products such as essential oils, sourced directly from the Tropical Spice Garden and woven bags made by the Women of the Penan Community.


A family at The Habitat Penang Hill



The air here is really fresh, making it suitable to bring your 👨dad here to rejuvenate. An add-on tour guide service is also available for RM200. The price is a bit steep, but many people are satisfied with it as the guide is very professional in explaining the rainforest and will answer all sorts of questions. ♿OKU cardholders can enter for free! 



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Taman Negara

A few men crossing the river at taman negarameowtainpeople

Boats at Taman Negara



Did you know that you can 😴stay overnight at Taman Negara? As you should know, our Taman Negara is about 130 million years old. It is one of the world's oldest deciduous rainforests and has a total area of 4,343 km2. Besides being a habitat to a variety of flora and fauna, this virgin tropical rainforest is also the home to some orang Asli. Guided excursions are also available for those who are interested.


An orang asli lighting up fire at orang asli village in Taman Negara



What can you and your father do at Taman Negara? You can hike the Teresek Hill, go for a canopy walk, visit the Orang Asli village, and at night; enjoy a walk where you can spot nocturnal wildfires. The Orang Asli village can be an eye-opener as you get to observe the daily life of the Orang Asli families that are staying and surviving in the forest. So bring your father here to experience something different ok!


Lost World of Tambun

A man and his daughther posing in front of a camel in Lost World of Tambun_mzulfikrimn

A man and his sons on a kayak at Lost World of Tambun



There are lots of things that you and your father can do in the Lost World Of Tambun. The activities here are mostly mild, so if your 👴elderly father is up for it, then why not? The activities and attractions here are geared toward families, so if you decide to bring the 👧👶little ones here, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Not only that, water-based activities are not the only things that you guys can do here. Besides the water parks, there are the Lost World Petting Zoo and Lost World Adventure Park, where you can remain dry.


2 men enjoying their hot spring dip at Lost World of Tambun



Luminous forest at Lost World of Tambun



On top of that, the whole theme park is surrounded by Ipoh’s most famous landscape, the limestones! At night, there are performances and a beautiful luminous forest walk to enjoy. On top of that, you can bring your father to relax and soak in the natural hot springs. There are more than a type of hot spring like the Foot Spa, Steam Cafe, Crystal Pool, The Geyser Of Tambun and many more! Plus, if you are too tired to head home by the end of the day, you can always stay in one of the many accommodations available in Lost World of Tambun. Pretty sure your father will enjoy his time here.



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Paragliding at Bukit Jugra

Paragliding at Bukit Jugrawatie_jaafar

Did you know that the oldest person to paraglide is Janusz Orlowski from Poland, and he was already at the ripe age of 91 years old?! Then, in 2020 an older man became the oldest person to paraglide tandem at the age of…🥁drum rolls…105 years old! Like what uncle Roger loves to say, Fuiyoh!!! This is why there is no excuse not to bring your father to paraglide (unless he got some illnesses that prevent him from doing so) because YOLO (you only live once).


Paragliding at Bukit Jugra



Paragliding (in the air) takes approximately 10-20 minutes and it depends on the ⛅weather and wind conditions. There is no height and age limit for paragliding at Bukit Jugra. However, it’s a different case for weight. You need to weigh between 20kg to 110kg to paraglide, and if you weigh more than 85kg, an additional fee of RM50 will be charged.


A man sitting on Bukit Jugra



Most of the time, you will need to wait for a strong wind to be able to take off, so do not be disappointed if you have to do it on another day. This is to provide you with one of the best paragliding experiences ever. Nonetheless, even if you are not able to take off on the designated day, you won’t be going home empty-handed. There are still things you can do around the take-off area, like hiking Bukit Jugra or trying out the famous Beggar's chicken at Bukit Jugra. Make sure to make a reservation in advance, and it’s highly non-halal.



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Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

World's largest pewter tankard at Royal Selangor Visitor Centrehype_mystyle

Exhibits at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre



For those who don’t know, Royal Selangor is a household name for quality pewters. It was founded in 1885 by Yong Koon in his humble shop called Ngeok Foh (Jade Peace). In 1992, the name was changed to Royal Selangor to reflect its endorsement from Sultan Salahuddin, the Sultan of Selangor.


A man with his pewter masterpiece and certificate at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre



A craftman working on pewter at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre



At the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, you get to watch live craftsmanship showcases, explore the museum, take an instagrammable photo with your dad at the world’s largest pewter tankard or even join a workshop and make your own pewter souvenir! There are 2 types of workshops, the School of Hard Knock and the Foundry. Both workshops are popular among 👧👦kids and 👱‍♀️🧔adults alike, and you can bring home your masterpiece! Maybe you can craft one for your father as a father’s day 🎁gift!



As many of you should've known, Father’s Day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds. So for this year's celebration, take him to to one of these top 7 places as a treat!





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