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(Review) Gamuda Cove SplashMania: Is It Worth the Hype?

10 Mar 2023

2 weeks ago, our boss sent us to Gamuda Cove near Dengkil to check out the newly opened SplashMania water park! With all the hype on social media, we can’t miss the chance to try it and give you an honest review, can’t we? Yes, we experienced some of the slides and attractions for you so that you don’t have to. They have 24 water slides and 15 key attractions suitable for all ages. The location is also within close proximity to KLIA. But, is SplashMania (yes, no space in between) worth the hype? Let’s find out! 



Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (Entrance)
We didn't take a photo of the parking, so here is a photo of the entrance area

Parking was the least of our problems because there are open lots where visitors can park their cars. However, this is only temporary because currently, they are building a multi-storey car park to accommodate more visitors. Right now the parking is free, but in the future, after the multi-storey car park is completed, we don’t know. Nonetheless, the parking space is spacious, and we didn’t have to spend time looking for parking. Plus, it’s near the entrance, so we didn’t have to walk far. I think the nearer parking lots will be filled in no time during the weekends (we went on a weekday). We also saw many other parking lots that are a bit further away, but no worries because you can wait for their buggy ride to take you to the SplashMania water park. 



Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (Entrance)
A picture perfect entrance

We were welcomed with a splash by the small fountains sprouting mist in front of the entrance. The queue was ok on weekdays. In fact, we didn’t really have to queue. After getting the tickets in the form of wristbands, we went to the entrance with turnstile gates. Our bags were checked to make sure that we didn’t sneak in any outside food. Water bottles with water and mineral water are ok.

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (Splash Mania mascots)
From left to right: Swaggy B, Zoomi, Max and Omba’King (not Motomoto)

After entering, we were greeted by the 4 cute mascots of SpashMania; Omba’King, Zoomi, Max and Swaggy B in the form of statues  (check out our guide for the meet & greet sessions).

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (Take photo))
Say yay!

The staff then came with 📸cameras in hand to take photos of us. This was the only time we felt like 💃✨celebrities on a red carpet. At first, we rejected their advance because we didn’t want to be scammed into buying the photos. However, to our surprise, we can get the digital copies for FREE! Plus, they come with cute frames.

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (download photo)
Neh! Got proof, we didn’t bluff you

All we had to do was scan a QR code which directed us to the GL CLIX page. We then had to sign up for an account and upload a selfie. Why is that? It’s because facial recognition technology is used to match our selfies to the faces in the photographs taken earlier! How cool is that! If you want them printed, you can purchase them at the GL CLIX physical store.


Mini Titanic Experience

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Is It Worth the Hype? (Titanic)
My Heart Will Go On intensifies!

If you don’t feel like climbing the titanic ship (pun intended) for the experience, you can stand at the tip of this shipwreck’s head and pretend to be Jack & Rose.

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Treasure Tower

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Treasure Tower
Let’s see what kind of treasure can we find here

The first slide that we went to was the Treasure Tower. Actually, it's for kids, but adults won’t find themselves out of place because many parents were accompanying their kids in this section. There are lots of slides with water sprouting around. We could see lifeguards keeping an eye on the kids around the Treasure Tower, good job👍! 

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Treasure Tower
What a view!

The most interesting part about this section is the water bucket that automatically pours a 💦big splash of water whenever it’s full. The slides here are big enough for adults, it's just that at some sections of the slides, you might need to move a bit because the water current is not strong enough to push. However, there are also height restrictions stated on the brochure so…try at your own risk. 

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Treasure Tower
Looks fun even for adults right?

Even though Treasure Tower is a children’s zone, kids under the age of 3 are not allowed to use the slides. However, you don’t have to worry because there is Splash Spoosh which is a bit further away for them.


Cross The Bridge

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Wooden Bridge
Don’t worry, it’s steady

To go to the other side, we crossed the wooden bridge. Now here’s the magic, it looks super long on the map, but the real one is probably only 1/4 of the length. This is a true definition of “all images shown are for illustration purposes only”.


The Big Ball 

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Wave Ball Pool
The big ball skin dipping in its natural habitat

Part of the Ravage River, this section is called Wave Ball Pool featuring a big yellow ball!🟡 (not red). 

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Fun in Progress

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Fun in Progress
Sokay, we can always come back again
Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Twista & Monsta
A calm Mosta & Twista but soon, it won’t be anymore…

Some slides & attractions like Atlantis R, Spills & Thrills, Monsta, Twista, Sky Leap and Zoomi’s Runway are not available for the moment, so we didn’t get to try those. (We wanted to try Atlantis VR badly *sob* *sob*😭)

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Swaggy B
Swaggy B (might or might not be related to Cardi B)

Because of this, you can enter SplashMania at almost half price! As an early bird, you can enjoy all the completed rides at RM 79 (Adults) and RM63 (Kids & Senior Citizens) only! It is also important to note that, we weren’t allowed to bring our phones to record at some of the slides.


The Plunge

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Plunge

Plunge is not for the faint-hearted because not only is the slide 75 degrees steep😱, but it is also 6 stories tall! One of our brave colleagues challenged it, and his verdict: super fast. This is a great opportunity to show off in front of your crush. She might be 💘charmed by your courage, but…result is not guaranteed.


The Kiasu but Not Kiasi

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Maniac Racers
Everybody slaving under their own mats
Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Maniac Racers
With this race, we decided that the winner has to treat everyone lunch

We finally got the chance to engage in a friendly match, all four of us! At Maniac Racers, each of us took a blue water mat and went to the top. Then we all went down the slide at the same time, and the winner was determined by who was the fastest to reach the end! There is no room for cheating (or bribing a judge) because the electronic scoreboard tells it all! 

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Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Signage
A signage with Max the otter next to it

On the day we visited SplashMania, it was super hot with a saturated blue sky and no clouds. You can imagine us looking like a bunch of 🥵🦦otters in the desert. There are huge fans (kipas not peminat) around the water park, but there is only a handful of them. So we stood under one of them and it instantly gave us a refreshing relief.

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Signage
Heartpatrick wannabe

We suggest bringing an 🌂umbrella and reapplying sunscreen from time to time because there aren’t many shades. Many of the trees are still too young to provide any form of shade. Cabanas are also available for rent, and it’s very useful if you are a family with young kids and elderly parents.


Mini Versions of The Adult Rides

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Twista & Monsta
Mini version of Twista & Monsta
Spalsh Sploosh, where many toddlers are experiencing heaven

We passed by another kid's area with many mini versions of the adult rides. There is also a play area for young kids & toddlers. We also saw some adult Instagrammers taking photos at the sprouting water.


Wild Rush

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Wild Rush
Notice that the orange slide is higher than the blue slide?

The next slide that we tried was Wild Rush. The free fall at the end was quite thrilling. The pool is quite deep actually, but no worries because abang SplashMania is there to the rescue!😍

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Rest in Peace

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Omba'King Cove
Ah~it looks like a tropical paradise here
Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Omba'King Cove
A desktop wallpaper worthy pic

We went to the Omba’king Cove to rest for a while. It’s very calming here, but we believe that it would be very lively on weekends (we went on a weekday).

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: River Ravage
We were too tired to swim, so we didn’t

The River Ravage is divided into 8 sections with different kinds of fun attractions like Rain Shooters, Bubbly Dip, Donut Rapids, etc.

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Food & drinks
Mmmm yum yum, the smell of sweet corn was god sent!

However, the rest at Omba’King Cove wasn’t enough (because we are a bunch of old souls). We were 🥵thirsty and obviously, we can't drink the water that we were swimming in. So we went to look for a place with shade and sat down.

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Mineral Water
Very nice effort by F&N to go eco friendly
Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Zoomi
Hi Zoomi! Saranghae~

What luck! We bumped into Zoomi! The fashionable Orangutan mascot of SplashMania! She kept giving us finger hearts (so cute!). We couldn’t resist 📸snapping lots of her photos.


Gamuda Cove Aerobar

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Gamuda Cove Aerobar
A colleague with acrophobia took this pic

Alas, we thought that since we are here, why not try out the famous Aerobar? So we went over to Gamuda Cove and took a ride up. We were then given a briefing about the surrounding area. The staff was even nice enough to help us take a group photo with a beautiful backdrop. We were told that it's even more beautiful in the evening during sunset around 7pm.


Is It Worth the Hype?

Gamuda Cove SplashMania Review: Height requirement
Check your height here!

Out of the 39 rides and attractions, only 6 are still under construction and testing. At only RM 79 (Adults) and RM63 (Kids & Senior Citizens) before the 1st of April 2023, the tickets are almost half of the original price. Price wise it’s kind of worth it. This is a brand new water park which means that you can experience all the slides and rides while they are still in tiptop conditions. We would say that this is a bonus point. More than half of SplashMania is covered by kid-friendly slides and rides, making it more suitable for families with kids. The 2 main highlights of this water park would be Plunge and Atlantis VR. Both hold the record of the highest and the first in Malaysia. Based on our summary, do you think that it’s worth the hype?


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Table of Contents