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(June Recap) Did You Miss Our June New Arrivals?

08 Sep 2022
Image Credit: @jodiegoon, @atikahh.nur, @muawawaamir, @sanss.c

June has been filled with ?excitements as we brought in a whopping 19 new attractions and tour packages for you guys! From ?romantic honeymoon packages to ???petting zoos for kids, we got everything for everyone. Explore these 19 attractions and tour packages now!?


ATV Adventure Ride Langkawi

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) ATV Adventure Ride Langkawilangkawi_atv_ride_

We promise you that this is going to be one of the best ATV rides in Langkawi! Enjoy the scenery as you drive through challenging terrains, passing by rubber plantations, ?pineapple plantations, and more. As you pass by the waterfall, you can rest for 15 minutes and refresh yourself with the water before continuing your drive.


(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) ATV Adventure Ride Langkawi



You don’t have to be a pro to join this 40-minute adventure, as newbies can practice with the guide before driving through the actual route. Overall, this activity is suitable for all ages, as kids can ride on the back. However, it can be tiring for ??elderlies.


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WaterWorld by i-City 

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) WaterWorld by i-Cityjiashinlee.com

Malaysians just ?love to mandi-manda and play in the ?water. Well, that can’t be helped since we live in a ?hot and humid tropical country. However, what can be helped is cooling down our bodies with some fun activities at the waterpark!


(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) WaterWorld by i-City



Welcome to WaterWorld by i-City. It is a spacious waterpark, complete with facilities like changing rooms, rental lockers, gazebos, prayer rooms, benches, and a food kiosk. Rubber tubes are also available nearby the river bridge and the wavy pool area for free! If you are looking for a waterpark that is not too crowded, come to WaterWorld by i-City!


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i-City Theme Park

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals)  i-City Theme Parkicitymalaysia

You don’t have to wait until December and fly to a foreign country to experience ⛄snow. You can do that any day, every day at i-City Theme Park’s Snow Walk!  It opens from 5pm to 12 am daily with lots of rides and games to enjoy. At night, you can ride on the ?Ferris Wheel and enjoy beautiful light illuminations around the park. It is a good place to go with your kids for some fun time.


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Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals)  Kuala Lumpur Upside Down Housesharath.nayak

Can you imagine your ?house being upside down? No need to imagine-lah, just come over to Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House! It is right next to the KL Forest Eco Park and within walking distance from KL Tower. So you can drop by Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House as part of your KL trip. Plus, it is reachable via the KL Hop on Hop Off bus! Kids are going to love this anti-gravity experience!


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[Traworld Exclusive Promo] 4D3N Honeymoon in Paradise Package

[Traworld Exclusive Promo] 4D3N Honeymoon in Paradise Package

After a wedding, a honeymoon is a must! However, with the rising costs of basically everything (?fried chicken, chicken rice, chicken chop *sob* *sob* ?), you might be worried about the cost of a ?romantic honeymoon. Don’t worry, as we have an inexpensive 4 days 3 nights romantic honeymoon package for you in Langkawi. You can have a ??romantic dinner by the beach, enjoy a ?sunset cruise, a ????‍♂️couple spa and more without breaking the bank! 


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3 Days 2 Nights Paya Beach Romantic Getaway

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) 3 Days 2 Nights Paya Beach Romantic Getawaytravelocity.ca

If you are ???not married but want to get the feel of a honeymoon with your boyfriend or girlfriend. No worries, because we have an inexpensive package for you too! With this 3 days 2 nights romantic getaway, you can connect with your other half by engaging in activities such as ?‍♀️?‍♂️yoga by the sea, ?snorkelling and more. There are 4 types of chalets for you to choose from so that you can get lovey-dovey and happy-happy, all within your budget. Your wallet is ?happy, your other half is ?happy, and you will automatically be ?happy?.


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Shuttle In The Dark

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Shuttle In The Darkshuttleinthedark

We know you ?love everything viral, so we brought in a new activity which has gone viral on social media in recent months! Something that we would like to see Datuk Lee Chong Wei do, and that is playing ?badminton in the dark. However, don't worry about not being able to find the shuttlecock or observe your opponent’s moves because your gears will glow in the dark!


(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Shuttle In The Dark



Along with some parts of the court, of course! Some people even reported that they could focus better in the dark as there are fewer distractions. If you want to make it more fun or ?Instagram-worthy, try wearing some glow-in-the-dark sportswear.


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Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Cruise Tasik Putrajayazarnizar

Take a tour along Putrajaya by getting onboard a cruise at Putrajaya’s lake. There are 2 types of cruises that you can board. They are the modern cruise (sightseeing cruise) and a smaller traditional boat (Perahu Dondang Sayang). Both are 100% designed and handcrafted in ??Malaysia by Malaysians (terbaik?).


(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Cruise Tasik Putrajaya



The traditional boat can sit 4 to 6 people and takes you on a 25 minutes tour with panoramic lake views of the pink Putra Mosque. On the other hand, the modern cruise can accommodate up to 120 people and takes you around the greater Putrajaya lake. It only departs if there is a minimum of 15 people on board and passes by up to 19 landmarks around the lake.


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Blue Tears Tour at Kuala Selangor


No, these are not ?‍♀️mermaid tears. Rather, it’s a natural phenomenon caused by Dinoflagellates, a type of marine plankton that emits blue-green light at night. Now it doesn’t sound as magical as you thought it would be right? However, the sight of this phenomenon is simply too magical that you can barely capture it on a ?phone camera.


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Sky Mirror Tour at Kuala Selangor

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Sky Mirror Tour at Kuala Selangorapplep1ng

A trip to Kuala Selangor is not complete without a visit to the Sky Mirror! You can get creative with all sorts of poses using all kinds of props with the reflection on the ground. If you don’t know how to pose, no worries as the ?photographer there will guide you. Here, time is of essence as you have to quickly make a leave as soon as the tide rises. So practice in front of the ?mirror at home, before coming here!


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Eagle Tour at Kuala Selangor


Get on the boat and watch the eagle feeding. Besides the eagle, there are other birds trying to grab some food too. The 45 minutes boat trip begins from the jetty to the estuary of Selangor River. On top of watching ?eagles gobbling up the ?meat (yum!) thrown at them, you also get to enjoy the scenic view of nature while on the cruise.


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Firefly Tour at Kuala Selangor

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Firefly Tour at Kuala Selangortripadvisor.com.my

Kuala Selangor is one of the most popular places to watch fireflies. The boat will stop by up close to the firefly and if you are lucky, some of them will land on your ?hand! (definitely not for people who are afraid of insects). Fireflies are abundant, so don’t worry about not being able to see them (as long as the weather is good). The ?normal phone camera is not enough to capture the beautiful sight of fireflies, so you might want to bring a better camera (if you have one). Also, don’t forget to carry along a ?mosquito repellent. That is because as much as there are plenty of fireflies, there are also plenty of mosquitoes.


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Farm In The City

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Farm In The City

Get up close to the ????animals, pet them and feed them! You can do all these things at Farm In The City. This place is suitable to take kids along as they get to interact with all sorts of animals and learn about them hands-on. The animals here are friendly, except for the ?goats...for some reason, they act like they have not eaten since the stone age and gobble up any food offered to them. Overall, this place is clean, and there are ?sinks for you to wash your ?hands after touching the animals.


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99 Wonderland Park

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) 99 Wonderland Parkhugo_jiaqian

Most animal parks close around early evening, but for 99 Wonderland Park, it’s a different case. If your kids love ?dinosaurs, you have to bring them here. That is because there are 2 animatronic T-rexes near the entrance. Besides the dinosaurs, there are also the 12 zodiacs walkway, Malayan Tapir, Peacock house and many more. The night view here is especially beautiful, with the colourfully lit illuminations decorating the entire park.


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KL Tower Mini Zoo

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) KL Tower Mini Zooyurilily21

This mini zoo is just adjacent to KL Tower. In fact, many people stop by here after visiting the KL Tower. You can feed and pet some of the animals here. Some of the animals that you can see here include ?kangaroos, ?alpacas, ?giant tortoises and lots of ?birds. Kids would definitely squirm in excitement seeing the animals here! Bring them here now! This is one of the places in KL where the Hop On Hop Off buses stop.


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Melaka River Cruise

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Melaka River Cruisemerakicommunication

Enjoy the view of the historical city of Malacca through its most important waterway. Also known as Malacca's version of Venice, this river cruise will take you through artistic murals, century-old heritage buildings and bridges. The 45-minute round-trip covers 9 kilometres with commentary on the buildings and monuments. You can choose between a ?day cruise or a ?night cruise.


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Melaka River Cruise Pit Stop Package

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Melaka River Cruise Pit Stop Packageabuhasan_st

This package is similar to the ordinary Melaka River Cruise but, you can disembark at 14 jetty pit stops along the Melaka River and discover the sites in person! Some famous sites that you can visit at each pit stop include the Church of St Francis Xavier, Stadthuys, Kampung Morten, Jonker Street and many more. Plus, you can have unlimited access to all these pit stops via the cruise until 12 am. What a steal!


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Melaka River Cruise Everlasting Love Package

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Melaka River Cruise Everlasting Love Packagemelakahariini.my

What do you think about enjoying the beautiful night view of Malacca while having dinner on a boat? There are 3 options that include a dinner for two, different romantic selections, photo service, flowers and more, depending on which package you select. It can be a ?romantic anniversary dinner or a ?birthday celebration, so make it memorable by booking this package now!


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DIY Pottery Workshop at Good Times DIY Pottery Studio

(Traworld's June's New Arrivals) Melaka River Cruise Everlasting Love Packagesshawnn_

Running out of ideas on what to buy for your wife, husband, friend, or boyfriend for their ?birthday? Why not make one yourself? At Good Times DIY Pottery Studio, you can whip out a bowl or mug in no time! (ok, maybe not literally) You don't have to worry about starting from zero because you will be guided through each stage of the pottery-making by the professionals here. 


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So which one of these 19 attractions interests you? Can’t decide? Why not grab more than one? Every month we at Traworld bring in fun experiences for you to enjoy at a competitive rate, so subscribe to us now!



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