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9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas in Malaysia: A Romantic Escape like No Other

09 Jun 2023
Image Credit: @oceanpesona, @judytang, @joey_ljy0222


If you're looking for the best honeymoon retreat ideas in Malaysia, you're in for a treat. Malaysia offers a plethora of 💏romantic destinations that are perfect for a memorable honeymoon. From stunning beaches to lush rainforests, here are 9 romantic escapes (in no particular order) that will make your honeymoon in Malaysia truly special.


Teluk Datai - The Jewel of Andaman Sea

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Teluk Datai

Teluk Datai boasts pristine white sandy beaches that provide a peaceful and 💏intimate atmosphere for couples. You can enjoy long walks along the shore, bask in the sun, and even have private picnics.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Teluk Datai

Besides that, Teluk Datai is also surrounded by lush rainforests that offer breathtaking natural beauty. You and your hubby/wifey can take a romantic hike through the rainforest trails. The Datai Bay area is known for its rich biodiversity, and you can spot unique flora and fauna during your explorations.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Teluk Datai

Not to forget, a stay in a luxurious resort. The Datai offers exclusive honeymoon packages like The Datai Rainforest Romance, which comes with a private dinner and a couple’s spa treatment. Not only that, but it also provides stunning accommodations with the Rainforest Pool Villa and breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. You can indulge in a romantic dinner on the beach, in-villa dining, romantic villa decoration and enjoy the privacy of your own villa.


Pantai Kok - The Sunset Serenade of Western Langkawi

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

Surrender to the ethereal charm of Pantai Kok as the 🌅sun paints the sky in hues of passion, and be serenaded by gentle waves that caress the shores. This popular honeymoon spot boasts stunning landscapes, including pristine beaches and lush tropical forests. You can take romantic walks along the shoreline, enjoy a picnic on the beach, or simply relax and soak up the sun together.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

For this, Berjaya Hotel Resort is an excellent choice for a honeymoon escape. Located in beautiful surroundings, it offers a romantic and serene atmosphere perfect for newlyweds. This honeymoon hotspot offers a range of luxurious accommodations to suit every couple's preferences. From cosy and intimate chalets to on-water villas, you can choose the perfect setting for your honeymoon.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

When it comes to dining, the resort offers a selection of exquisite restaurants serving a range of international and local cuisines. Enjoy candlelit dinners by the beach or intimate meals in private dining settings, creating a romantic ambience for you and your partner. Additionally, Berjaya Hotel Resort has a luxurious spa where you can unwind together in a tranquil setting and let expert therapists take care of your well-being.

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Colmar Tropicale - The Charming French Village of Bukit Tinggi

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

Transport yourselves to a whimsical world at Colmar Tropicale, nestled amidst the lush Berjaya Hills at Bukit Tinggi. Experience the enchantment of a French village in the heart of Malaysia. Stroll hand in hand through cobblestone streets adorned with colourful half-timbered buildings and vibrant flower displays.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi provides cosy and comfortable accommodations, including rooms and suites with a touch of French elegance. Choose a room with a view, such as a balcony overlooking the French village, to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Then, enjoy a romantic dinner with a sunset view at the La Flamme restaurant.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Pantai Kok

Staying guests can enjoy free access to the Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden where you can rent a 👘Yukata and take memorable photos at the garden. To reach these places, you can hop on a free shuttle. Allow the ambience of this fairy-tale destination to weave a spell of romance, where you can feel like you are overseas without actually travelling overseas.

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Genting Dream Cruise - The Dreamy Voyage on a Luxurious Cruise Ship

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Genting Dream Cruise

Embark on a romantic journey aboard the luxurious Genting Dream Cruise. Sail across azure waters, with the horizon as your only limit. The cruise ship provides elegant and comfortable cabins with various options to suit your preferences.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Genting Dream Cruise

Consider booking a balcony or a suite with ocean views for a more intimate and 💖romantic setting. You can wake up to stunning 🌅sunrises or enjoy private moments together while sailing on the open sea. If you have some extra money to spare, splurge on The Palace. It is a ship-within-a-ship boutique hotel with private facilities and European-style butlers.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Genting Dream Cruise

Indulge in exquisite dining experiences aboard the Genting Dream. The ship offers a variety of gourmet restaurants serving a range of cuisines, from Asian delicacies to international fare. Of course, a romantic honeymoon is incomplete without pampering yourselves with the rejuvenating spa on the cruise ship.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Genting Dream Cruise

Besides that, the Genting Dream cruise provides a wide array of activities and entertainment options to keep you and your partner engaged and entertained. You can enjoy live performances and Broadway-style shows or even try your luck at the onboard casino. Take part in a couple's activities, such as ballroom dance workshops, wine tastings, and many more.

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Rawa Island - The Private Bliss of the Southeast Island

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Rawa Island

Escape to the secluded paradise of Rawa Island, where powdery white sands meet the turquoise embrace of the sea. Indulge in intimate beachfront moments (But please be frugal with your PDA) as the sun turns the sky into a canvas with burning colours. Although this is a secluded island, it receives a tourist boom from April to October when it’s the best for 🤿snorkelling.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Rawa Island

One of the highlights of Rawa Island is its stunning coral reefs and vibrant marine life. Grab your 🤿snorkels and dive into a world of underwater wonders, hand in hand with your partner. Explore the vibrant coral gardens, swim alongside 🐠tropical fish, and marvel at the diverse pelagic creatures.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Rawa Island

There are only 2 resorts here, the Rawa Island Resort and Alangs Rawa Resort. While motorised water sports are forbidden, couples can go 🛶kayaking, paddleboarding or slid and slide on the gigantic beachside slide. 


Janda Baik - The Melodic Whispers of Tropical Waterfalls

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Janda Baik

Janda Baik is a charming destination nestled in the hills of Malaysia, and it can be a delightful choice for a 💘honeymoon. This serene and picturesque village offers a tranquil atmosphere and lush greenery, perfect for couples who are looking for a private and romantic escape. There are various activities that couples can do. Some include visiting Fig Malaysia Farm, dining in rustic restaurants surrounded by nature, horseback riding and other adventurous activities.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Janda Baik

There are many secluded resorts and private villas in Janda Baik offering a romantic and intimate setting with beautiful views of the surrounding rainforest or river, where you can enjoy the serenity and privacy with your partner. Some of the retreats include Enderong Resort, Rest Pause Rainforest Retreat, Tiarasa Escape, etc.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Janda Baik

Explore the natural beauty of Janda Baik by taking romantic walks or going on gentle hikes together. The village is surrounded by lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and scenic trails. Immerse yourselves in the tranquillity of nature, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy each other's company amidst the beauty of the surroundings.


Redang - The Tropical Haven of The East Coast Island

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Redang

Located off the east coast of Malaysia, Redang Island is renowned for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. This romantic honeymoon escape offers a range of luxurious resorts that provide exclusive honeymoon packages and accommodations. Choose a beachfront villa or suite with stunning ocean views for a truly romantic experience. Enjoy privacy, relaxation, and personalised services as you celebrate your love.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Redang

Embark on snorkelling or diving excursions with your partner to explore the underwater wonders together. Swim among colourful 🐠🐟tropical fish, graceful sea turtles, and fascinating coral formations, creating cherished memories in this underwater paradise. Let the world beneath the waves become a backdrop to your love story.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Redang

Don’t forget to arrange for a private island-hopping tour around Redang. Discover secluded coves, hidden beaches, and untouched islands with your loved one. Enjoy picnics on pristine sands, swim in secluded bays, and relish the beauty of nature in a private and intimate setting.


Cameron Highlands - The Majestic Tea Estates of Boh Plantations

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Cameron Highlands

Wander through endless emerald tea plantations, hand in hand, as the scent of freshly brewed tea fills the air. Cameron Highlands is a romantic destination that offers lush green landscapes, a cool climate, and picturesque views, making it an ideal choice for a honeymoon. You can savour a cup of 🍵tea with your newly wedded spouse accompanied by 🍰freshly baked pastries and a beautiful view overlooking the tea terraces.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Cameron Highlands
(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Cameron Highlands

Look for a villa that offers privacy and seclusion. Cameron Highlands has a lot of outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, or verandas where you can enjoy the fresh air while having a romantic picnic with a panoramic view. Not to mention, the rustic villas with Tudor architecture and matching furniture definitely provide a European charm.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Cameron Highlands

Don’t forget to explore enchanting flower gardens in Cameron Highlands, such as the Kea Farm, Lavender Garden or the Rose Centre. It's a perfect opportunity for beautiful photos and unforgettable moments. Of course, you cannot leave out plucking fresh 🍓strawberries together and savour the sweetness of the berries. Also, not to forget, the ever elusive Mossy Forest.

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Mabul - The Crystal Clear Water of Borneo

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Mabul

Dive into a kaleidoscope of colours, where vibrant coral reefs mirror the intensity of your love. Beneath the surface of Mabul Island's crystalline waters, swim amidst a tapestry of exotic marine life. As you hold each other's gaze in the silent depths (wah so romantic😘~), let the underwater world bear witness to the depth of your devotion to each other. It also serves as an excellent base for exploring nearby islands and attractions. You can embark on romantic island-hopping adventures, visiting places like Kapalai Island or Sipadan Island, known for their breathtaking beauty and diverse marine ecosystems.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Mabul

Mabul Island is located near world-class diving and snorkelling sites, making it a paradise for underwater enthusiasts. The island is famous for its rich marine biodiversity, including vibrant coral reefs and a wide array of exotic fish species. Exploring the underwater world together can be a thrilling and romantic experience.

(Malaysia) 9 Best Honeymoon Retreat Ideas: Mabul

Often labelled as the Maldives of Malaysia, this beautiful island offers a selection of resorts and accommodations like the Mabul Water Bungalows, Sipadan-Mabul Resort and Sipadan Water Village. These resorts provide luxurious villas or cottages right above the crystal clear water, allowing you to enjoy intimate moments with your partner while surrounded by nature's beauty.



Malaysia offers an unparalleled romantic escape for honeymooners seeking a destination that combines breathtaking beauty, adventurous experiences, and moments of pure serenity. With our list of the 9 best honeymoon retreat ideas, you can embark on a journey to celebrate another journey called marriage with your partner.



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