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(Europe) 8 Places To Visit in Malaysia for Overseas Experiences!

16 Mar 2023

Over the past 2 years, we miss the anxiousness when our passports are not scanning properly at the auto gate, we miss the occasional turbulence on the plane, we miss waking up on a foreign bed, we miss the time spent packing till we can’t close our 🧳luggage. We all miss the freedom to fly overseas. With the ongoing travel ban and the discovery of new Covid-19 variants, this can be pretty frustrating for travel enthusiasts like you and me. So, we tried to look for the best overseas experience within Malaysia to ease your itchy feet! Here are 8 places in Malaysia that look like Europe!


Cafe Ame Soeur, Kuala Lumpur

Mesdames et Messieurs (ladies and gentlemen), let us present to you a grand French-themed cafe that is hidden within the Klang Valley. What's the menu? You might ask. Well, we are sorry to break it to you that there is no fine dining here. Even so, no worries, you can still flex with some 🤳instagrammable photos (we will tell you why later). This cafe serves mostly western food like pasta, chicken & beef and other western desserts, it also serves rice.

From the high ceiling with chandeliers to the white plaster wall with intricate gold embellishments to the classic European oil paintings hanging on the walls and not to mention the grand-looking cutleries and dishes, everything screams “FRENCH!” and “ATAS!”. So, this is how you can flex on your social media...😏

Currently, this cafe is in the process of getting a Halal certification. They also have a restaurant called The Ame Soeur which is also extravagant and it is Halal-certified!

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills (Pahang)

A French-themed village at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang. Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills is located 2,600 feet (790 m) above sea level on an 80 acres (320,000 m2) tropical rainforest land surrounded by hills and cool temperatures (just like Europe). The design of this village is based on the design of Colmar in Alsace, France. There is a hotel here where you can book a room to stay in. With their well-furnished rooms with classic light wood furnishings, intricate carving on the bedposts and floral printed curtains, it is as if you have teleported to France!

Visitors can enjoy family-friendly activities like dance performances, funfair games, clowns, and others. If you like something more challenging, there are activities like Equestrian, Flying Fox, Paintball, and many more.

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Arte Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

The exterior architecture looks futuristic with its white organic contour lines and slightly saw-edged shape building. However, the inside is drop-dead gorgeous classic French-inspired interior design and décor! The luxe finishing with Rococo decors, marble floor, and stained glass windows are chef kiss~😘. If you think the interior of this hotel is all just ornate carved plaster ceilings and oil paintings then you are wrong! As you explore further, you will discover that this hotel has a psychedelic looking lounge and modern looking outdoor space.

As you enter your room, you will feel like you have traveled back in time to Marie Antoinette's bedroom in Versailles! The dimly lit lights, Rococo furniture and floral carpets might turn you into a hermit and make you want to stay in your room 24/7.



Terengganu Drawbridge, Terengganu

A London bridge in Malaysia? No-lah, this is actually Jambatan Angkat Terengganu or Terengganu Drawbridge in English. However, this is no doubt inspired by the London Tower Bridge in London.

Visitors can go up to the commercial areas in the sky bridges and enjoy the view of the area around them. There is also a glass floor where you can have a look at the Terengganu river (maybe you can spot a mermaid?‍🧜‍♀️) plus an art gallery in the drawbridge! At night, the colourful illuminations on the bridge make it a beautiful night view to photograph.


Fraser’s Hill, Pahang

Located in the state of Pahang, Fraser’s Hill has an average altitude of 1,200 meters high and its highest peak rises at 1,500 meters at Telekom's loop.

What gives this place the appearance of England is not its cool temperature, but its Tudor Revival architecture. There are 5 types of heritage buildings here, all of which were designed to emulate colonial-era structures. Some of these heritage buildings were constructed between 1919 and 1957.

Among the activities available here are visiting a 🍓strawberry farm, going on a nature trek, and paddling in a boat, among others.

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

Here is another place with Tudor Revival architecture which is also known as mock Tudor. It is situated on a hill and surrounded by more mountains and hills. The views are breathtaking, especially in the 🌄morning. The garden is well-maintained with a variety of 🌷flowers and there are benches available for visitors to sit and enjoy the natural beauty. 

The brick mantle fireplace (yes, they even have an actual fireplace with firewood walao!😲), as well as a green lawn with blooming plants and fresh air that will make you feel like you are on vacation in England!

Breakfast is included in the room price and offers a variety of delicious a la carte options, as well as a small buffet selection. In the evening, you can pretend to be an English tai-tai (madam), by sitting on the terrace and enjoying the garden view while indulging in homemade scones and gossiping about how your neighbour's female Corgi is such a bitch.
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Kangkar Pulai Blue Lake (Permenantly Closed)

This place is like Malaysia's version of Iceland's Kerid Crater, minus the cold temperature. It's a heaven on earth, but be cautious when taking pictures near the edge or you will really end up in heaven😬.

To reach the most picturesque spot, one must hike. It's quite challenging, so it's not recommended to bring children or elderly people along. (Unless they are hiking 🥇gold medalists).

Tip: Come after 10 am on a sunny day as the lake looks more blue during this time.



(Europe) 8 Places To Visit in Malaysia for Overseas Experiences! : EUROPE IN GENERAL

Kellie’s Castle, Perak

(Europe) 8 Places To Visit in Malaysia for Overseas Experiences! : Kellie’s Castle, Perak
This unfinished castle was built by William Kellie-Smith for his wife Agnes in 1915, following the birth of their son. (William really did set a high bar for men 😤, be like William). The construction of the castle began over 100 years ago, with Moorish-style arches and windows replicating the British Raj palaces in India. The three-story castle was built with bricks and ceramics imported from India and was intended to include the first-ever lift in Malaya. Unfortunately,  it did not make it in time William Kellie-Smith passed away at the age of 56. Now, it is left unfinished.


Please be aware that a visit to this place may turn out to be a chilling experience (like really chill, 🥶chill) , as many people believe the castle is 👻haunted. However, this belief has also indirectly contributed to the palace's popularity as a tourist site.

A trivia for you, the Hollywood movie "Anna and the King" starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yuen Fatt was also filmed at this location.


These are 8 locations in Malaysia that offer European experiences that we have compiled for you. If you enjoyed this list, remember to subscribe to our newsletter where we recommend more places with overseas experiences throughout Asia, the Middle East, America and beyond.



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