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(Barbie Themed Rooms and Cafe in Malaysia) Live in Your Ultimate Girl's Dream

25 Aug 2022
Image Credit: @jianyang1979, @la_memoria, @grandhyattkualalumpur, @ myazulkifli

Barbie Café and themed rooms are the ultimate experiences for a Barbie fan. The cafe has a glasshouse restaurant which is very ?Instagrammable. At the same time, you can also enjoy a stay at one of the 14 themed rooms, comprising Barbie Room and Barbie Suite. This would make a perfect staycation where you can live in your ultimate girl's dream, wouldn’t it?


Grand Hyatt x Mattel (Barbie Ultimate Staycation Package)

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KLdewidiary2 

On the 18th of December 2021, Grand Hyatt Hotel KL joined hands with Mattel to come out with a Barbie-themed staycation at the hotel. This surely stirs up excitement in every ?lady! I mean, this is almost every lady’s childhood dream (and probably still is). Every lady grew up playing with Barbie, be it Mattel’s Barbie or pirated Barbie lookalikes. Not only that, but they can also realise their dreams together with their daughters or nieces!

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie roomgrandhyattkualalumpur

There are 3 things that you can enjoy from this Barbie staycation. The first one is the Barbie Café where you can enjoy afternoon tea while surrounded by Barbie-themed decor in a glasshouse restaurant. The second one is the Barbie-themed rooms which look like a Barbie house. The third one is the Barbie Pink Teatime In A Box, where there are a variety of cupcakes, tarts and even a complimentary Barbie doll, all in a box set!


Barbie Themed Rooms

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: barbie roomgrandhyattkualalumpur

It is not a Barbie Staycation if you are not staying in a Barbie-themed room! There are 2 types of rooms offered by the Grand Hyatt Hotel for this Barbie Staycation. They are the Barbie Room (47 sqm) and Barbie Suite (105 sqm). All of the 14 themed rooms have taken over the 33rd floor of the 5-star hotel. With this, you get to enjoy every girl’s dream staycation with a breath-taking view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Roomjessicaminhanh

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie room with costumes & wigsgrandhyattkualalumpur

Each room is decorated to look like a room that Barbie would live in. The rooms are specifically designed to match the Barbie vibe without looking too hard-sell. You can see a mixture of vibrant colours besides pink like purple, blue, orange, etc. Each room also has Barbie toys for you the kids to play with. If you pick the Barbie Suite, there are even wigs and mini costumes for some fun ?dress-up game!


Barbie Cafe

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Cafe_farazainal

Enjoy Barbie Pink Afternoon Tea in a Barbie-themed decor glasshouse restaurant overlooking the blue swimming pool at the Barbie Cafe! It is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, and every corner will guarantee you a ?“like” on your Instagram post. 

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Cafeilynnnnnnn_08 

There is a cute ?photo corner which lets you become Barbie for a few short seconds. It is a human-sized Barbie box set with hot pink accessories and all you have to do is stand in it and pose stiffly to look like a Barbie doll that came straight from the factory. (Don’t forget that signature Barbie smile too)

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Cafemyazulkifli

As you sit at your table, you will be served a 3-tiered dessert tray which consists of savoury and sweet bite-sized Canapé-like snacks. The savoury goodies are pretty atas, don't play play. Some of them include siew mai (with abalone), poached Boston ?lobster, foie gras creme brulee and many more. As for the sweet goodness, you can expect a scone, macaron, New York cheesecake, etc.

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Cafehappygokl.com

Wait! The fun at the Barbie Cafe doesn’t stop here! On top of the dessert tray, you also get to choose your own milkshakes, ?juices or beverages like ?tea, ☕coffee or hot chocolate. Besides that, there is also an ice cream cart with free-flow ?ice-creams and sprinkles, which kids are going to love. Also, not forgetting the pink chocolate fountain station where you can enjoy skewers of fruits or marshmallows douched in fancy pink chocolate!

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Cafegrandhyattkualalumpur

The Barbie Cafe is a part of the Barbie Staycation package, however, you can also enjoy dining at the Barbie Cafe only, without purchasing the staycation package. For that, you are required to pre-book a session to enjoy the magical afternoon tea. There are only 2 sessions in a day, session 1 is 12:00 pm - 2.00 pm and session 2 is 2:30 pm - 4.30 pm. Each table seats a minimum of 2 people, so make sure to drag your bestie, your sister or your daughter along!

P.s: Did we also mention that each child booking comes with a complimentary Barbie doll?


Barbie Tea Set

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Pink Teatime In A Box grandhyattkualalumpur

If you feel like the Barbie Cafe is not enough, no worries because you can purchase the Barbie Pink Teatime In A Box and bring it back home to savour! (Well, I mean the food inside, not the box, of course.) The box set comes with a complimentary Barbie doll (worth MYR 59.90 nett) and a limited edition Barbie face mask (worth MYR 39.90 nett). The menu for the Barbie Pink Teatime In A Box is like a simplified version of what you get at the Barbie Pink Afternoon Tea.

Barbie Ultimate Staycation at Grand Hyatt KL: Barbie Mid-Autumn In A Box barbiestaycation.com

This month, there is an extra set called Barbie Mid-Autumn In A Box in conjunction with the upcoming ??Mid-Autumn festival! The limited edition mooncake set is the first of its kind. The special box set includes 4 different flavoured mooncakes, 2 premium tea (packets), 1 ceramic teapot, 6 ceramic tea cups, 1 surprise Barbie doll and 1 limited edition face mask.


What are you waiting for? No one knows when this Barbie Staycation will end. So ⏰hurry! Book your spot and live in your ultimate girl's dream, right now!


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