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(Middle East) 7 Awesome Places in Malaysia With Foreign-Country Look and Feel

Did you know that Malaysia has a few places that actually look like the middle-east? Yes! Some of them with sand and all. Here are the top 7 awesome places in Malaysia that have the middle-east look and feel!

(What To Do During Rainy Days) Top 15 Indoor Activities in Klang Valley To Try!

Rainy season can be annoying because you can't do anything outdoors. That's why we came out with a long list of indoor activities in Klang Valley that you can enjoy, be it rain or shine!

Be the First To Experience These 3 New Attractions at Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is now open! (YAY! ?) You happy, I happy, everybody happy, just make sure that the Covid-19 virus is not happy by adhering to the S.O.P ok! Here are the 3 new attractions that Sunway Lagoon has brought in for you!

Visit These 7 Heritage Buildings That Were Once (Baba Nyonya) Peranakan Houses

Many heritage buildings that used to be houses of the Peranakan in Malacca, Penang and Singapore have been converted into museums and hotels.

Check Out These 15 Restaurants & Cafes in Langkawi With Mouth-Watering Foreign Food

With Langkawi being the first travel bubble to open in Malaysia, many people are flocking there for a holiday with their loved ones. If you got bored eating the same old local food, why not try some foreign cuisines instead? Come! Take a look at these 15 halal and non-halal restaurants and cafes that serve foreign cuisines.

Places in Malaysia That Look Like Oversea: Discover These 11 Places That Will Remind You of Japan

It is now easier for Malaysians to visit Japan without having to apply for a visa beforehand. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented us from travelling anywhere overseas. So, here are 11 places in Malaysia that look like Japan to comfort your longing for Japan!

(OCT 2021) 8 Freebies & Deals for Those Who are Vaccinated in Malaysia

Government is in the talk about the 3rd dose vaccine!?? And it’s targeted to roll out in early October?. It’s ok, let’s worry about that later because we have something to make you worry less about it. Here are 8 freebies and amazing deals that you would definitely want to check out (if you are vaccinated).

Langkawi: Enjoy a Private Sunset Dinner Cruise With Your Loved Ones Here!

Not many people are blessed with their own private yacht but still dream to enjoy a beautiful sunset on one with their loved ones. What if we tell you that your dream can now become a reality! Yes, now you can enjoy the sunset view by the yacht without owning your own yacht! Read on to find out how.


This Station in Korea Turned Into a “Squid Game” Playground for About 2 Weeks Before It Was Closed Down Due to COVID-19

Early in September, Itaewon Station in Korea was transformed into the closest thing that you can experience of the Ogem World from the trending Korean drama "Squid Game" (minus the gore and ?ca-ching of course). The pop-up was scheduled to extend until the 26th of September but has since closed down on the 24th of September, due to concerns over a spike in COVID-19 infections.

As you know, "Squid Game" is a trending Korean drama series on Netflix about a group of people who participates in a survival game that is based on Korean childhood games but with deadly twists, in order to win a hefty cash prize. For those who are unable to visit on time, let’s take a look at which parts of the drama were revived at Seoul Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station.


(Europe) 8 Places To Visit in Malaysia for Overseas Experiences!

Europe in Malaysia? Yes way! You don't even have to take a flight to overseas! Here are 8 places in Malaysia that look like Europe.