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Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania : Which Offers the Best Waterpark Experience?

17 Mar 2023


SplashMania, Malaysia's latest water park vs Sunway Lagoon, one of the oldest waterparks in Malaysia. Which offers the best water park experience? Welcome to the ultimate showdown between SplashMania and Sunway Lagoon, where we will dive deep into the comparison between the 2 of the most popular water parks in Malaysia. Both have exceptional features and attractions that provide fun experiences, but which one reigns supreme? Let's find out.


Location and Accessibility

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway BRT

When it comes to the location and accessibility of the two parks, Sunway Lagoon takes the lead. Located in the heart of Klang Valley, Sunway Lagoon is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can access this waterpark via the KTM Komuter train by taking a KTM train to the Subang Jaya Station and then catching a feeder bus to the Sunway Pyramid stop. Alternatively, visitors can take the Putra LRT to the Kelana Jaya Station and then catch a feeder bus to the Sunway Pyramid stop or take a BRT bus to the Sunway Lagoon Station. There are also free shuttle bus services around Sunway City every 25 minutes.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania parking
Nurul Athirah Ahmad Fauzi

In contrast, SplashMania is located near Dengkil, which is outside the city making it difficult to reach without a 🚗car. 


Water Slides & Rides 

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon slide

Now, let's talk about the attractions and rides. Both waterparks have plenty of features that cater to visitors of all ages. Both have extreme slides for the adventurous and kiddy areas for the kids but, SplashMania has more water slides for kids when compared to Sunway Lagoon. When it comes to the number of rides and slides, Sunway Lagoon has about 33, whereas Splash Mania has 39. In this case, SplashMania appears victorious.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania Maniac Racers

Both have similar types of slides and rides, but there are some that Sunway Lagoon has and SplashMania doesn’t and vice versa. As for the condition, it goes without saying that SplashMania’s slides and rides are new and probably still have that factory smell. However, Sunway Lagoon’s slides are longer in length on average compared to those in SplashMania.


Dry Attractions

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

Sunway Lagoon has both dry and wet attractions. If we exclude the water slides, they have more than 40 dry attractions such as Wildlife Park, Pirate’s Revenge, Tomahawk and many more.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania Amazonia ship

Whereas SplashMania only has a few selections of dry attractions such as Titanic Experience, Zoomi's Runway, Swaggy's Cliff, etc.


Unique Slides & Rides

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon Vuvuzela

Both Sunway Lagoon and SplashMania have spine-chilling rides for the adventurous peeps. For Sunway Lagoon, there is the Vuvuzela, which is the world’s largest vortex water slide, Tomahawk and Pirate’s Revenge.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania Plunge

As for SplashMania, there is Plunge, which is the tallest water ride drop in Malaysia that is 75° steep. Then, there is Atlantis VR, which is the first VR water slide ride in Malaysia. Considering that both have record-breaking slides, I guess we can call it a tie here.


Amenities and Facilities

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania restaurant

In terms of amenities and facilities, both water parks have excellent offerings. SplashMania provides ample rest areas, lockers, and food options. Sunway Lagoon also has the same facilities.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon Food

Food wise, Sunway Lagoon has more options. However, it goes without saying that SplashMania’s amenities are in better condition because duh…they are ✨new. Yet, Sunway Lagoon’s amenities are in pretty good shape because they are well-maintained.


The Crowd and Waiting Time

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon Crowd

It also goes without saying that Sunway Lagoon is more crowded, and visitors may find themselves waiting for long periods for their turn.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania queue

As for SplashMania, they still need to improve their queue management because sometimes there will be some annoying people (I wish their french fries are always soggy) who will cross to the next lane for another slide just because they changed their mind at the last minute. This becomes more of an issue when they cross over and cut the queue from a shorter lane to a long lane.


Ticket Prices and Packages

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon Price 2023

When it comes to pricing, SplashMania and Sunway Lagoon are equally matched. However, Sunway Lagoon provides more bang for your buck with added benefits like express lane passes. 

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Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania Price 2023

As for SplashMania, their ticket price is cheaper, but value wise it has to go to Sunway Lagoon because you probably won’t be able to enjoy all the rides and attractions within one day. Plus, it’s closer to the city centre compared to SplashMania.


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Reviews and Feedback

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: Sunway Lagoon

According to user reviews and feedback, Sunway Lagoon has a higher rating compared to SplashMania. Visitors rave about the thrilling rides and well-maintained facilities of Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon vs SplashMania: SplashMania

Meanwhile, SplashMania is known for a more peaceful ambience and the chance to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



So, which water park is the winner? It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a more thrilling experience with plenty of rides and attractions, Sunway Lagoon is the place to go. On the other hand, if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere with fewer crowds and more kid-friendly rides, then SplashMania is the better choice. Which offers the best waterpark experience? You decide.

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