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(Genting Dream Cruise) 14 Reasons You Should Board This Cruise Ship

03 Apr 2023
Image Credit: @Dream Cruises, @jessiemio, @_evanatasya, @Meyer Werft


Have you been on the Genting Dream cruise? If you have not, here is a brief introduction to the brand new elevated experience, where you can enjoy sailing on the 19 floors cruise ship!

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Deck)

Genting Dream is one of the 3 cruise tours offered in the Dream Cruises line by Resorts World Cruises of Genting Group. The others are *World Dream and Explorer Dream. This cruise ship with the concept of “A Resort Cruising at Sea'', measures 335m in length and 40m in width. With up to 18 decks and lots of food and fun activities, you can indulge in all the amenities and comfort while at sea!

*Update: World Dream ceased operation on 2 March 2022 and Explorer Dream was renamed Resorts World One 

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (interior)

However, some of the entertainment and services here are not included in the all-inclusive offerings and require extra charges. So make sure to fatten up your wallet before coming. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 14 reasons you should board the Genting Dream.


Super Huge 

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Port Klang Jetty)

The Genting Dream cruise ship can accommodate up to 3,352 passengers (lower berth) with 1,674 staterooms. During the day, adrenaline junkies can work out on the decks while kids can play at the playground. At 🌛night, guests can watch performances or up their game by betting on bingo games.


Comfy Rooms

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Room)

Surprisingly, the smallest rooms on the Genting Dream are not as small as many of us would expect (imagine Jack’s room on the Titanic) from a cruise ship. They are comfortable enough for you to move around and stretch out and can accommodate up to 4 guests at a time. Plus, each room on the cruise comes with a private toilet and shower!

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Bathroom)

There are also light refreshments in the form of sachets like ☕coffee and 🍵tea, just in case you are too lazy to go out for a drink. 2 bottles of mineral water are also provided and will be replenished each day for free (we just love the word “free” don’t we?) 

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Beds)

On top of that, the pillows and blankets will give you a hard time 😴waking up. They are very comfy, and if you have stayed in any of the Genting Group hotels before, you’ll know. The same pillows and beddings are also used in the Genting Dream.


Cashless Everywhere!

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (ID Tag)

Some of the services, activities and facilities on the Genting Dream are not included in your cruise fee, and you'll have to pay on the cruise ship itself. One good thing is that you can pay without 💵cash! All you need is a card, and you can have access to all facilities on the Genting Dream! This card is printed with your name and acts as your ID card.

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Helpful Staff)
Suhana Ibrahim

You’ll have to carry it with you all the time (except when in your room) so that you can tap to access the services, activities and facilities on the cruise ship. You can keep track of how much you’ve spent on the 📺small tv in the room and then pay with your credit/debit card by scanning the QR code provided. Alternatively, you can make your payment at the reception on the 6th floor, but it is pretty obvious which is more convenient.

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Halal Certified Food

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Breakfast Buffet)

Genting Dream is the first in the world to be OIC/SMIIC standard 🧕halal-friendly certified cruise. The Lido provides an extensive range of international cuisines, and all of them are halal. You can enjoy everything served here as much as you want in a single meal period, for free! This buffet spread also has a vegetarian section for all the plant eaters to enjoy.


Never-Ending Eating

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Uma Uma)

One thing about eating all these free meals on Genting Dream is that you can only eat at 1 restaurant per meal period. So let’s say you ate at The Lido for lunch, you can’t eat at another free-to-eat restaurant for lunch (unless you pay, of course). You’ll have to wait until it’s dinner time for that.

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Lido Outdoor Snack Corner)

If you get hungry in between the main meals but don’t want to pay to eat at the specialty restaurants, the Lido Outdoor Snack Corner is such a lifesaver! It is a 24-hour free-flow station with snacks like samosa, 🍟french fries, sausage and fried bee hoon! There are even drinks like 🍵tea, ☕coffee and 🧃juices, in case you want to sip on something other than the mineral water in your room.

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (DDR Chinese Food)

Of course, not to forget the non-halal restaurants for all the haram eaters non-muslims. Free-to-eat meals can be found at the Dream Dining. The Dream Dining Room(upper) is dedicated to serving Chinese set meals, whereas the Dream Dining (lower) serves semi-buffet western meals.

Pro-Tip: Come and queue early to get the sea view table! It is open 10 mins earlier than the allocated time.


Moving Casino on The Sea

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Casino)
Meyer Werft

Genting Dream is literally a moving 🎲casino on the sea! If you are a kaki judi, you are welcome to test your fortune with some games of bingo, pull some 🎰slot machines or play some 🀄mahjong. As you are not spending any 💸physical money, make sure to spend your money wisely and don’t get too greedy!

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Family-Friendly Pool & Water Slides

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Pool)

On a hot 🌞sunny day, you can swim in the pool to cool off. There are shallow pool areas where 👧👦kids can have a fun time 💦splashing at each other too! For the 👱‍♂️👱‍♀️young uns who prefer something more extreme than mere swimming and dipping in the pool, you guys can try out the water slides. There are 6 water slides with different levels of extremity on the cruise depending on how adventurous you are. 

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Water Slide)
Ruszaida Mat Zain

On the other hand, the 🧓elderly can relax in the jacuzzi while watching the young people playing at the pool. Are these free? Yes! On Genting Dream, there are 4 jacuzzis around the main pool on Deck 16 MID and 2 jacuzzis at Zouk Beach Club on Deck 17 AFT. 

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Jacuzzi)
Nishat Gandhi

However, just like any other outdoor activities on the Genting Dream, the pool and water slides are subject toweather changes. So if you are unable to enjoy these activities, read on to find out what other things you can do on this cruise.


Happy Kids Happy Parents

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Playground)

Besides the shallow pool area, kids can also spend time bouncing here and there at the bouncy playground on Genting Dream. Kids the age of 2 to 12 can get themselves busy at the Little Dreamers Club. There are lots of toys for 🧒kids to play with while parents can enjoy the beautiful sea view. This place is free but only for the first 2 hours. Are your kids able to resist the temptation of staying within 2 hours?


Keep-Fit Journey Sailing Smooth

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Jogging Track)

There are lots of activities here to help you keep 💪fit and healthy while on the Genting Dream cruise. You can pay for professional fitness classes like pilates, HIIT (step), suspension training, etc or get active for free with activities like jogging (there is a jogging track around the cruise), ⛳mini golf, 🧗‍♀️rock climbing (wall) and many more. Again, like any other outdoor activities, some of them are subject to weather changes.

Pro-Tip: Make sure to check the itinerary to see what programs are available for the day.


Endless Activities Throughout The Day

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Arcade)

If you are not a very active person and would like to join some less strenuous activities on the cruise, there is an arcade as well as Nintendo Switch games, workshops, family show time and more. Remember to check the itinerary for the time slot of your desired activities and register in advance.

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Spend a Few Hours on The Land

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Genting Dream Cruise Ship)

Come on! You are not Davy Jones! Of course, you can enjoy beautiful sights and eat good food outside of the sea. It all depends on which tour you book. The cruise ship will dock at the designated jetty, and off you go! You are free to explore the towns, as long as you return within the given ⌚time. If not, we’re afraid that you’ll have to say 👋bye-bye to the Genting Dream.

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower)

If you plan to explore a town that is not in the country you came from, you’ll have to bring along your passport and go through the 🛃custom security check before you can leave the 🚢cruise.


Party Soft

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Zouk Beach Club Foam Party)

At night, you can head to the Zouk Beach Club and enjoy the iconic Zouk’s Foam Party! You can 🕺dance crazily to the funky music in a pool of foam. There will also be ice cream and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to register in advance.


The Night is Still Early

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Performance/Show)
Josephine Chai

Why sleep when there are so many activities that can keep you awake on the cruise? Besides the Zouk Beach Club, there are also 💃dance lessons, 🎤karaoke, 🎳ten-pin bowling, live shows and many more. If you want to just sit around and relax, there is an outdoor cinema on deck 17 AFT, and it’s free!

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Bar)
Josephine Chai

If you want to up the game to make it more haram, you can head to one of the many bars and lounges and order your favourite 🍹cocktail or 🍺beer. Not only that, if you are someone who has an alcohol reservoir in the stomach, you might want to consider taking one of the bottomless beverage packages.


Shop Til You Drop

What you can do on Genting Dream Cruise? (Snack Shopping)

There are many shops on Genting Dream offering high-end fashion and quality food & supplements from overseas. Look out for discounts on goods on your itinerary. You’ll not want to miss out on the good deals and value buys.

Who says you can’t be out in the sea during the monsoon season? Genting Dream is one of your best options to do so. The cruise is so huge that you won’t feel much 🤢turbulence. In fact, many people reportedly felt no difference with being on land. We hope that these 14 reasons you should board on the Genting Dream are enough to make you want to jump on the cruise right away!

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