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(Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour) Chase Your Business Dream in Hangzhou China

07 Jul 2023
Image Credit: @alibabagroup.com, @IT24Hrs - ไอที 24 ชั่วโมง by ปานระพี, @DMG Books


Did you know that Alibaba Company is open for tours through its Alibaba Dream Trip program? That means you can tour the HQs (yes, there are 2, and we’ll tell you why later) and learn about all E-commerce and business tips focusing on B2B, explore Alibaba's headquarters and gain insights into the company's success story that made Alibaba one of the top E-commerce companies in the world. In this blog post, we'll give you a brief overview of what the Alibaba Dream Trip to Hangzhou, China a.k.a Silicone Valley of China, is all about.


Brief Intro of Alibaba Group

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
DMG Books

As many of you should know, Alibaba Group is a multinational conglomerate and one of the world's largest e-commerce companies, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. It all started when Jack Ma founded Alibaba's e-commerce platform in 1999 with some friends and students. It grew to become a dynamic and expansive marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from around the world. Alibaba has revolutionized online shopping, providing a convenient and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage in seamless transactions, with Alibaba.com focusing on B2B.

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour: Jack Ma

Today, Alibaba has grown to become a global leader in online retail, cloud computing, digital payments, and other technology-driven sectors. With its flagship platforms, including Alibaba.com, Taobao, Tmall, and Alipay, the company has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers connect, facilitating seamless online transactions and empowering millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour: Daniel Zhang

Known for its innovative spirit and commitment to fostering a digital economy, Alibaba aspires to be a company that will last for 102 years and continues to shape the future of commerce and drive technological advancements on a global scale. The company's e-commerce prowess has not only transformed the retail industry but has also contributed to the growth and empowerment of businesses worldwide.


The Alibaba Dream Trip

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour: Xixi Campus
DMG Books

This all-inclusive Alibaba Dream Trip package is a 4-day trip to the Alibaba Headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China. Participants get to experience what it feels like to be an Ali-person (this is what the Alibaba Group employees call themselves) by experiencing the culture of Alibaba Group Company. In addition to that, there will be 12 courses taught by some of the top people of Alibaba Group and the Chinese E-commerce industry. You’ll learn the tips and tricks behind their success in B2B commerce.

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Azree Azman

Only 2 participants from each company can join the trip at a time. This is to ensure that there are participants of different backgrounds so that you guys can connect and network with industry players from around the world. Courses will be conducted in English, and special food diets & requirements like halal, kosher, gluten-free, etc can be arranged. 

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Prinnate Suwanasri

However, participants will have to arrange their own 🚗transportation to the Alibaba Group Xixi Campus in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China, as it is not included in the Alibaba Dream Trip package. This allows for flexibility in choosing arrival dates and facilitates business-related activities, such as visiting suppliers. If you want to get rid of the hassles, we at Traworld can help you arrange everything from A-Z, from ✈️🎫flight tickets to visas to other transportations! All you have to do is chat with our helpful agent!


Day 1 (Welcome to Alibaba Group)

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Lyn Mathuros

Participants are expected to arrive at the assigned hotel in Hangzhou for check-in between 1pm - 6:30pm. Following check-in, a warm welcome dinner will be held at 6:30pm. This is when you can get to know other participants from different business backgrounds and bond over 😋🍜🥟delicious Chinese cuisines. This will be followed by the highly anticipated opening ceremony, marking the beginning of the Alibaba Dream Trip.




Day 2 (Xixi Campus)

Intro to Alibaba Business & Culture

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour

There are 2 Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou (1 hour away from each other). One is the Xixi Campus, and the other is Binjiang Campus. Why are both headquarters called campuses? This has to do with Jack Ma’s profession as an English and international trade lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University in the past. Instead of a boss, everybody in the company refers to Jack Ma as a teacher, the headquarters as campus and the meeting rooms as classrooms.

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
IT24Hrs - ไอที 24 ชั่วโมง by ปานระพี

As you tour the campus and dorms where the employees live, you also get to enjoy lunch like an Ali-person at the Xixi Campus’ canteen. It’s all included in the Alibaba Dream Trip package. Alibaba believes in customers first, employees second, and shareholders third, and their mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. Find out how these values are instilled as the company's core principles.


Pavilion No.9

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour

As a participant of the Alibaba Dream Trip, you’ll be given an exclusive chance to enter and check out Pavilion No.9. This is where Alibaba's top secret data are stored. It is not easily accessible by the public. It’s usually accessible only to heads of state and top government officials visiting from other countries. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit this top security-guarded facility!


Taiji Zen Garden

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Danai Chanchaochai

Jack Ma is a Tai Chi practitioner who adheres to Buddhism and Taoism teachings. Here in Hangzhou, he built the Taiji Zen Garden with famous Kung Fu film actor and fellow Tai Chi practitioner Jet Li to promote Tai Chi. Take the time to unwind and relax by learning some simple tai chi steps and meditation.


Expert Sharing on Pilot Free Zone

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Danai Chanchaochai

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to Chinese government leaders of the Pilot Free Zone as they give insights on new business opportunities between China and the Asia Pacific Region.


West Lake (Xi Hu) Night Tour

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour: West Lake (Xi Hu) of Hangzhou

West Lake, also known as Xi Hu, is a captivating destination in Hangzhou that unveils a different charm under the cover of darkness. The West Lake night tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the enchanting beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site in a whole new light.




Day 3 (Binjiang Campus)

Visit the Company of 2 CGS Advanced Players

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour

Embark on field visits to 2 Chinese Global Suppliers' companies, where you'll have the opportunity to learn firsthand from successful entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in their experiences and gain insights into their team management styles and platform operations. This learning format combines company visits, engaging topic-sharing sessions, and interactive management dialogues. It is designed to facilitate a valuable learning experience. Through this immersive approach, participants will have the chance to learn directly from Chinese entrepreneurs and gain valuable knowledge to apply in their own business ventures.


Case Study and Workshop

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Bank Apisak

As a Key Person (KP) in a B2B company that deals with import & export, it is essential to establish a clear strategic direction for the enterprise. By formulating and implementing well-defined strategies, you can steer the company towards sustainable growth and success, ensuring that it remains competitive in the dynamic global market. In this session, you’ll learn how to do all that.


Day 4 (Last Day)

Alibaba.com Live Streaming Solution

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour

Live streaming has been growing rapidly, especially since the pandemic came into the picture. More and more people are watching live streams, making it one of the best ways for Asia Pacific suppliers to achieve new growth. Alibaba's head of multimedia business will be there to explain the trend and share ways to improve your live streaming performances.


Foreign Trade Growth Strategy

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
DMG Books

Gain a deep understanding of the global market dynamics, including emerging trends, cultural nuances, trade regulations, and geopolitical factors, from experts with impressive portfolios in the e-commerce industry. Learn how to devise a proper strategy for your company’s growth.


Interpretation of Verified Supplier and Digital Marketing

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Danai Chanchaochai

The Verified Supplier membership package offers an enhanced platform service designed to showcase the business capabilities of suppliers to global buyers. This exclusive membership provides a range of benefits, aimed at fostering trust and creating high-quality business opportunities, thereby facilitating seamless business transactions. As part of the program, experts from Alibaba will explain the exclusive rights and advantages of being a Verified Supplier. Their insights will provide valuable guidance on maximizing the benefits and leveraging the platform effectively to drive business growth and success.


Graduation Ceremony

Alibaba Company All-Inclusive Tour
Zuraida Deen

As the 4-day Alibaba Dream Trip comes to a close, gather to celebrate the culmination of your enriching learning journey. During the memorable graduation ceremony, a certificate of participation will be presented to each participant, symbolizing the successful completion of the program. It serves as a testament to your dedication and commitment to learning and signifies the valuable insights gained during this transformative experience. 



This Alibaba Dream Trip provides an exceptional opportunity to gain insights into Alibaba's success story, learn from industry experts, and explore the vibrant city of Hangzhou. Join us to chase your business dream and be inspired by the innovation and entrepreneurship that Alibaba embodies. Book your tour now and embark on a journey of discovery and growth! Be it to take your company to the next step, for employee training & development and many more. Get in touch with us to find out more about this Alibaba Dream Trip and how you can make it a reality.




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